Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Was That You? 6
Chapter 295: Was That You? (6)
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"We need you to come with us to the station to give a statement," the officer explained.

"Okay." Song Qingchun nodded again before adding, "Do you mind if I go get my bag and coat first?"

"Go ahead," the officer said as he pulled out a camera to start snapping pictures of the chaotic scene.

Song Qingchun had truly been spooked by that sharp knife. Even though the danger was over, the abject fear still lingered in her heart. It drained her greatly, and as she thought a step toward the direction of her office, her legs gave, and she started to fall.

Su Zhinian, who stood beside Song Qingchun, quickly reached out to support her.

"Song Song, are you okay?" Qin Yinan, who was not far away, rushed over to ask with great concern.

Su Zhinian frowned but said nothing. Through his physical contact with Song Qingchun, he knew what she was thinking internally. He understood she was feeling weakened from fright. Ignoring Qin Yinan, he bent over to sweep Song Qingchun into his harms, dashed toward the nearest resting area, and placed her gently down on a sofa. He half-squatted before her and said, "Wait for me here, I'll go get the things you need."

Song Qingchun responded with an "hmm" and added in a soft voice, "My phone is underneath a blue-covered document on the right hand side of my desk."

"Okay." Su Zhinian stood up, and his gaze fell on a few bottles of unopened mineral water on the table. He grabbed one, twisted it open, and passed it to Song Qingchun. "Drink up, you'll feel better."

Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian's face with her head raised for some time before expressing her thanks as she reached for the water bottle.

Su Zhinian didn't stay for long as he walked past the sofa and headed for Song Qingchun's office.

Half a minute after he left, Qin Yinan walked into the area and asked, "Song Song, are you feeling better? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Su Zhinian, who was facing away from them, paused slightly, but he didn't turn around, instead pushing open the door to Song Qingchun's office.

"I'm fine, Brother Yinan." Song Qingchun shook her head half-heartedly in response to the strings of questions from Qin Yinan. She lowered her eyes and took a gulp from the water bottle. Then she couldn't help herself from raising her eyes to look in Su Zhinian's direction.

Quite a number of her colleagues were also staring at him, but he moved around calmly, ignoring the gaggle of eyes on him.

He swung open the door to Song Qingchun's room easily, a simple move that seemed to radiate a deep-seated sense of nobility. His spine was straight, and his head was held high; he possessed a quiet confidence that was fit for a royalty.

The anger surrounding him hadn't dispersed completely. Earlier, when she looked at him, she had noticed the frigidness in his eyes. She used to be deathly afraid whenever she noticed this, but this time, she didn't feel a shred of fear; in fact, she felt inexplicably comforted.