Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Was That You? 8
Chapter 297: Was That You? (8)
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While Song Qingchun was caught in a daze, Su Zhinian finished doing her buttons. He took a step back to introduce some distance between them and asked in a whisper, "Are you feeling better now?"

"Much better, thank you."

The whole scene reminded of her incident on the cruise. Both times, she had seen the face of Death, but her shaking heart really did calm down a lot after his appearance.

The officer probably got impatient from all the waiting, so he coughed and said, "Can we go now?"

Song Qingchun immediately nodded and apologized once more to the officer. "Yes, I'm sorry."

Then, she turned to grab her bag. However, Qin Yinan helped her to it first. He was about to offer to accompany her to the police station when Song Qingchun suddenly turned toward Su Zhinian, who was standing beside them, and asked, "Are you free? Do you mind accompanying me to the station?"

The moment Su Zhinian said "yes", his hand naturally extended toward Qin Yinan, who was holding Song Qingchun's bag. Qin Yinan halted for a moment before passing the bag to Su Zhinian.

When Su Zhinian accepted the bag from Qin Yinan, their fingers brushed, and Su Zhinian could read his thoughts immediately.

He plans to accompany Song Qingchun to the police station?

A ball of fire lit up inside Su Zhinian immediately.

How dare he offer to accompany Song Qingchun after what just happened! If he really cares about Song Qingchun, why didn't he jump forward to protect Song Qingchun when she was in mortal danger?

If not for the fact he was physically close to her office; if not for the fact, he just so happened to lie down for a rest and habitually check up on her; if not for the fact he dashed out of the clubhouse and ran toward her office without a second thought; if not for the fact he ignored the receptionist's warning and jumped into the elevator; if not for the fact he controlled her mind at the last second to hastily step back; if not for the fact he controlled the deliveryman and made him fall in the nick of time; if not for the fact he managed to subdue the deliveryman as he flew out of the elevator; if not for all that, wouldn't this Qin Yinan have stood there and watched Song Qingchun being stabbed to death?

When he was in the elevator, he even heard Tang Nuan call out to him, saying "Yinan, I'm scared."

So, while Song Qingchun was a hair-breath's away from death, he was busy consoling his love?

Su Zhinian didn't blame Qin Yinan for loving Tang Nuan; after all, he understood better than anyone that love wasn't logical. However, at the very least, Qin Yinan had grown up with Song Qingchun. He had heard Qin Yinan promise Song Qingchun so many times he would look after her.

If he was truly a man of his word, why didn't he reach forward to apprehend the deliveryman when I made the young man collapse to the floor?

Or in his mind, was consoling Tang Nuan more important than saving Song Qingchun's life?

He knew Song Qingchun was in danger, but he didn't know the extent of the danger. When he heard the knife shred the fabric of the clothes Song Qingchun was wearing, his heart had been in his throat.

If he had reacted one second later, then Song Qingchun

Imagining the worst possible scenario made Su Zhinian simmer in anger. Perhaps it was his intention to add oil to the fire, because Qin Yinan chose this moment to add, "I hope it's not too much trouble for CEO Su to send Song Song home after she gives her statement"