Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Was That You? 9
Chapter 298: Was That You? (9)
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Who gave him the power to order me around? And he thinks I wouldn't drop Song Qingchun home?

Su Zhinian's expression turned icy, and he pulled the bag away from Qin Yinan's grasp before the man could finish. He said coolly, "Let's go," to Song Qingchun and took the first stride toward the police officer.

Song Qingchun immediately followed. Then, as if remembering something, she turned to tell Qin Yinan, "Brother Yinan, we're leaving."

Qin Yinan said, "Be careful on the road, call me if you need anything."

Su Zhinian suddenly stopped moving.

"Okay, goodbye, Bro"

Su Zhinian frowned and took several steps back toward Song Qingchun. Before she finished the words 'Brother Yinan', he opened his mouth to ask, "Can you walk?"

His question was a bit out of the blue, so Song Qingchun didn't understand what he meant at the beginning. She then noticed his gaze that fell on her legs, and the meaning of his question hit her immediately.

She tried moving her legs and then nodded at Su Zhinian, adding, "Yes, I can."

Su Zhinian replied with an expressionless grunt before glancing twice at her legs. Then, he shoved her bag into her grasp, pulled her off her feet into his arms again, and moved wordlessly toward the elevator.

The two police officers made to follow with the deliveryman between them. After they left, the atmosphere in the office slowly returned to normal.

It was the young female workers who started the conversation back up as they said in a high pitch, "I've finally seen Su Zhinian, and he looks much more handsome in person compared to pictures!"

"He is so manly, when he dashed out of the elevator to deliver the punishment on that deliveryman, I swear my soul left my body! I'm not advocating violence, but wasn't that hot?"

"He's just my dream guy. Cold on the surface but can be incredibly explosive when the situation calls for it. He looks like such a gentleman, but there's a sexy beast living within him!"

Listening to the comments around her, Tang Nuan's hands, which had already balled into fists, tightened further. Her manicured fingers pierced through the flesh on the ball of her fists. However, the physical pain couldn't rival the pain in her heart.

She had lived in the same city as Su Zhinian for many years, but they had never crossed each other's paths, not even once.

In fact, even when she tried to purposely 'run into' him, most of time, she could only manage to look at him from afar.

However, these few days, when she got off work, she kept running into him because he was there to fetch Song Qingchun.

Most of her memory of him remained at five years ago, when they were both still in high school. Even though she had not attempted to talk to him, when she saw him over these past few days, she swore that he had gotten more attractive compared to the young Su Zhinian.

His physical appearance and personality hadn't changed much. Similarly, his heart had remained unchanged. He was still deeply in love with Song Qingchun, and naturally, he still treated her with equal cruelty and ruthlessness.

One day, she purposely chose to leave work earlier than Song Qingchun. When she exited the company, she saw him leaning against his car as he waited for Song Qingchun.

After much hesitation, she finally gathered her courage to step forth to greet him. "Su Zhinian, long time no see."

She believed that the man would have forgiven her already since the incident had happened so long ago.