Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Was That You? 10
Chapter 299: Was That You? (10)
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However, to her surprise, not only did he ignore her, he crawled back into his car as if he couldn't bear to be in the same breathing space as her. He treated her the same way he did five years ago. A simple gesture could lacerate her heart a million times.

She felt awkward and exposed, even though she knew that no one was paying them any heed. She ran away quickly with her face burning. Then, she hid behind a lamp-post and saw how Su Zhinian was leaning over the seat to help Song Qingchun, who had appeared in the car, with her seatbelt.

Today, just like five years ago at the nightclub, she had again witnessed how he went ham on another human being for Song Qingchun's sake.

The man that she loved could perform the tenderest of gestures but could also explode with menace and anger that could swallow the world depending on the situation.

However, be it menace or kindness, they had nothing to do with her; they were reserved for Song Qingchun only.

He had once been kind to her as well, but his kindness had always stopped short of being close, much less intimate. He would nod at her when she was still friends with Song Qingchun, or he would help her carry her purchases when she was out shopping with Song Qingchun.

Everything nice he had done for her, it was because of Song Qingchun, and every cruelty he had directed her way was due to Song Qingchun as well. So, how could she not hate Song Qingchun?

Her hatred burned to an impossible height. Not only had she forever lost Su Zhinian due to Song Qingchun, she also realized she was less important than Song Qingchun in Qin Yinan's heart!

If not for her little trick earlier, which had stopped Qin Yinan, he would have jumped in front of Song Qingchun to shoulder that stab to the heart.

The more Tang Nuan thought about it, the harder she realized it was to calm down. She was so caught up in her brewing enmity that she didn't even realize Qin Yinan had return to her side.

"Tang Nuan?" Qin Yinan called her name, and when he realized she wasn't responding, he reached out to touch her face, adding, "What's on your mind?"

Tang Nuan recovered, and her eyes that looked at Qin Yinan were chilled and dark.

Qin Yinan was shocked by the animosity swirling in her eyes. He was about to ask what was wrong when Tang Nuan suddenly raised her hands to move his palm from her face and walked away.

Qin Yinan ran to catch up to her. He was totally confused by Tang Nuan's sudden mood swing. "What's wrong?"

Tang Nuan didn't answer and stalked into her own office. Before Qin Yinan could follow her in, she slammed the door close in his face and locked it.

The slamming of the door was loud enough to attract the whole office's attention.

Qin Yinan's face was twitching with shame, but he still knocked on the door with good grace and patience. When he realized Tang Nuan had no intention of opening the door, he pulled out his phone to call her, but she hung up on him.

This is Tang Nuan's company, and everyone is still working. Qin Yinan thought it was better to deal with this privately, and so he messaged Tang Nuan to say he would wait for her during lunch and left.

When Song Qingchun gave the officers her statement, she did follow Qin Yinan's advice and reminded the police that the deliveryman was probably responsible for her incident at the North Sea Garden. The officer nodded and replied that they would conduct their own investigation; they couldn't be sure that everything was related to the deliveryman.

Regardless, before the truth was found out, the police reminded Song Qingchun kindly that she'd better seek company whenever she left home for the sake of her personal safety.