Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 3
Chapter 3: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (3)
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Su Zhinian's brows furrowed slightly. Before he could react, Song Qingchun strode to stop before him in her high heels and called out.

"Su Zhinian."

In the company, there was almost no one who dared to refer to their CEO by name. The fact that a woman dared to do that attracted the curiosity of the few managers behind Su Zhinian. They started to study Song Qingchun with open interest.

Song Qingchun was uncomfortable under their scrutiny, but she tried her best to maintain her composure. Her pair of dark eyes focused on Su Zhinian and she repeated, "Su Zhinian, can you"

With only those words out of her mouth, she was interrupted by Su Zhinian's uninterested tone.

"Miss, am I that close to you that you can refer to me by my name?"

Song Qingchun's jaw was left open as she stared at Su Zhinian's expressionless face. She thought back to yesterday when Su Zhinian tossed her out without giving her a chance to explain herself. Afraid of being treated the same way, she took a step back, bowed deeply at him, and continued in a respectful and professional manner, "CEO Su, good afternoon, I am Song Qingchun, can you give me ten minutes of your time?"

"No." Su Zhinian dropped a simple word as her answer then went past her and out the door. She had tried many times to look for him, but she was always denied a meeting. Even if they did meet, she would not have much of a chance to say a word. It was rare that she got the chance to be alone with him yesterday, but it was again wasted. If she allowed him to leave just like this, she really did not know when her next opportunity would arrive again

Cornered, Song Qingchun grabbed at Su Zhinian's hand. His palm, unlike his attitude, was warm like the sun.

When Song Qingchun touched his hand, the tip of her fingers shuddered. She was close to letting go, but with a shot of determination, she held on. Perhaps it was because she was holding his hand, her voice was shaking when she spoke.

"Just ten minutes if not, then five minutes"

Su Zhinian ignored Song Qingchun's words. His condescending gaze lowered and focused on his hand that was in her tight grasp. Su Zhinian's silence and non-evasion steeled Song Qingchun's heart. "CEO Su, can I borrow a bit of your time? I am here today on official business"

"Not interested." Su Zhinian seemed to recover, without waiting for Song Qingchun to finish, he rejected her and then stared at her hands that still held onto his. His lips hardened, and he then retracted his hand forcefully.

Su Zhinian's sudden force unsettled Song Qingchun's balance because she was wearing a high heel. Propelled by his forceful pull, she collapsed forward. Thankfully, the guard beside her reacted fast and rushed over to support her by grabbing her arm or she would have fallen face first to the ground.

The next second, Su Zhinian's fiery gaze seared the guard. "I do not pay your salary to have you work as decoration. This company is not a place that any random person can enter!"

The guard was shocked by his sudden wrath, but he was smart enough to quickly drop Song Qingchun's arm and go back to his post. He then told Su Zhinian in a respectful tone, "Yes, sir."