Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Was That You? 11
Chapter 300: Was That You? (11)
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Song Qingchun had truly been rattled that day. When the knife shredded her clothes, she swore she could feel the icy touch of cold steel. Therefore, even before the kind reminder from the officer, she had already planned to take a short holiday from work.

The Station Manager was concerned that such a big thing had happened under his watch. If Song Qingchun's life was threatened again in company space, the company itself would be dragged into a legal mess. Therefore, when Song Qingchun called the company to ask for a break from work, the Station Manager approved it without a second thought.

It was already 1 pm when they exited the police station.

When they got into the car, Su Zhinian asked, "What do you want to have for lunch?"

Song Qingchun was still recovering from the attempt on her life, so she had no appetite. After a pause, she said, "Let's go home first. I'm not particularly hungry at the moment."

"Okay." Su Zhinian nodded and started the engine.

During one of the stops at a red light, Su Zhinian pulled out his phone and passes it to Song Qingchun after pressing twice on the screen.

Song Qingchun was confused. She didn't take the phone immediately but turned to look at him in confusion. She added a confounded "Huh?"

Su Zhinian stepped on the pedal when the light turned green as he told Song Qingchun with a face devoid of emotion, "Even if you're not hungry, you have to eat something."

Song Qingchun then realized that the screen of his phone was showing a picture of a take-out menu.

Considering the fact that he had been accompanied her for so long, Song Qingchun realized that, even though she might not have much of an appetite, he was probably hungry. She accepted the proffered phone and asked, "What do you want?"

Su Zhinian answered with a shrug while staring ahead, "I'll have anything you want."

Meaning he wants me to order something I like? So, this whole charade is his way of advising me to eat?

Song Qingchun's gaze, which was staring at the gaudy menus on display, softened.

The two sentences that he had said didn't sound overtly comforting, and he didn't even utter them in a caring tone, if anything, he sounded cold and harsh, but in her mind, those few words were much greater than passages of sweet nothings.

A sense of serenity and warmth filled Song Qingchun's heart.

This feeling is oddly familiar

Song Qingchun started to frown as she held the phone in her hands. She ruminated for a long time but couldn't come up with a reason for why this felt so familiar.

After Song Qingchun had been silent for a long time, Su Zhinian coughed and asked, "Have you made up your mind on what to have for lunch?"

Song Qingchun was pulled back from her reverie and looked down at the phone. It was showing the menu for a Cantonese restaurant, so she said, "How about Cantonese cuisine?"

"I'm okay with anything," Su Zhinian replied in a tone equivalent to a shrug and turned the steering wheel.

After making the order, Song Qingchun passed the phone back to Su Zhinian. Then she leaned back in the seat to study the man in the driver's seat through the rear-view mirror.

The feeling he had elicited in her was incredibly familiar. It was similar to a feeling someone had given her some time ago.

Song Qingchun frowned as she thought and suddenly pulled out her phone like she had remembered something.