Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Was That You? 12
Chapter 301: Was That You? (12)
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She clicked open the messages sent to her by the mystery number, and it clicked in her mind. The feeling of serenity and warmth Su Zhinian gave her was similar to the feeling she got when she received those messages from the mystery number.

Short sentences but full of warmth. It was the perfect description for the phone messages and the way Su Zhinian spoke to her. Now that she thought about it, the similarity between the two was uncanny.

Furthermore, based on her earlier analysis, the sender of these messages had to be close to her and have an impressive background, or else he wouldn't have been able to know and thus leak so much personal information of superstars to her.

Su Zhinian fulfilled those two criteria easily. So, could Su Zhinian be the person behind these messages?

Song Qingchun was stunned by her discovery and hypothesis. Her pair of widened dark eyes studied Su Zhinian silently through the rear-view mirror. Her gaze trailed from his face down to his hands that gripped the steering wheel.

Those are blood stains dried blood he recently got injured?

Song Qingchun frowned and started to look up and down Su Zhinian's body. Then she discovered a few flecks of dried blood on his white shirt.

However, it didn't seem like he was physically injured. The blood seemed to have been splattered on him. Song Qingchun remembered the deliveryman that she had seen earlier at the police station. He had been in a truly bad shape.

She had been too scared by the knife held in the deliveryman's hand to focus on how Su Zhinian dashed out of the elevator and how he went crazy on the young man.

However, from the mess of a face that Song Qingchun had seen at the police station, she could imagine how ruthless Su Zhinian was. Then again, she wouldn't need to leave everything to imagination. She had seen how ruthless Su Zhinian could be in a physical confrontation from the scuffle he was in five years ago at the nightclub.

So, it appears that the blood on him came from the deliveryman.

Now that Song Qingchun had calmed down and distanced herself from the heat of the moment, her brain started to focus on details that didn't seem important at the time. Details like

How did Su Zhinian manage to suddenly appear at TW Station to save me?

This was similar to how she had been saved at the last minute every time during the series of 'accidents' she had experienced before New Year's Eve.

By then, she knew there was a guardian angel watching over her, silently protecting her.

That person, whoever he might be, must have been following her closely or else he wouldn't have been able to appear at the time she needed saving the most, and today, Su Zhinian did appear out of nowhere when she was in the most dangerous of situations.

She was reminded of the conclusion she had reached on the first day of the Lunar New Year; the person behind the mysterious messages was the same person as her guardian angel.

After considering every thought and observation in her mind, Song Qingchun concluded that Su Zhinian managed to provide her with the same touching feeling of serenity and warmth as the mystery number and would appear when she most needed it like her guardian angel.