Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Was That You? 13
Chapter 302: Was That You? (13)
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He carried on him the qualities of these two characters, and said two characters were one and the same.


Song Qingchun's beating race stopped at that moment; even the blood coursing through her veins had slowed down. Her brain shut down, and her breath gradually slowed.

In that moment, it was as if her body had petrified. She stopped moving for a long time until her breath came back to her as a sentence appeared in her mind, word by word, syllable by syllable.

Therefore, Su Zhinian is the owner of the mysterious number and the guardian angel who has been secretly protecting me?

The thought was like a ray of light that streamed through her haze of confusion. It shot right into Song Qingchun's heart, causing her whole being to shake.

"What's wrong?" Su Zhinian, who noticed the weird state she was in, turned his head around to ask.

"No, nothing." Song Qingchun quickly suppressed the fervor boiling in her heart as she turned to look at Su Zhinian with a smile. When the man's attention turned back to the road, she continued to focus on him through the rear-view mirror.

Initially, she was merely curious about why the feeling of warmth Su Zhinian gave her was so familiar. However, she didn't expect that as she followed her own train of thought, it would lead to such a startling discovery.

If this had been the Song Qingchun from months ago, she would definitely have denied this possibility at first because she wouldn't have believed that Su Zhinian would be so good to her, unlike this guardian angel who had been silently protecting her.

However, now that she had come to know a little more about the man beside her, she knew this man was more than his aloof exterior. When Tang Nuan framed her at the City Clubhouse, it was this man who had gone to her rescue; when she was stranded at the northern mountains, it was this man who had gone to fetch her; even now, after the incident at the North Sea Garden, it was again this man who had volunteered to drive her to and from work every day.

Without her paying much notice, he had done so much for her, giving her so much warmth and support.

Therefore, even though he had said the worst things and had done wrong by her, he still treated her with genuine care and kindness. It seemed, he could really be the person behind the mystery number.

"What are you thinking? Aren't you going to get out of the car?" Su Zhinian's voice broke Song Qingchun's train of thought.

Song Qingchun realized with a start that they had already arrived home. Su Zhinian was standing beside the car, paying for the take-out that had arrived right on time.

Song Qingchun waited until the take-out delivery left before she exited his car with her bag.

Su Zhinian locked his car, turned to key in the door password, and stepped into the house.

Song Qingchun stood for a minute or two on the driveway before she made to follow.

After lunch, Su Zhinian went upstairs to answer a phone call.

Song Qingchun cleaned the dining table mechanically with her attention completely on her own thoughts. Then, somehow, she found herself standing in her bedroom.

She crawled into bed, and with her back leaning against the headboard, she flipped through the numerous messages in her phone twice. Then, as if remembering something, she jumped out of bed and pulled out a shirt from underneath the bed. Then, she retrieved a piece of paper from the shirt pocket.

The shirt was the bloodied shirt Su Zhinian had asked her to throw away when he suffered the head injury.