Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Was That You? 15
Chapter 304: Was That You? (15)
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After Su Zhinian put on his pants, he turned around and asked, in a tone that was as nonchalant as he could manage, "Do you need anything from me?"

Song Qingchun didn't say anything, but her big, dark eyes settled on his body without moving.

Su Zhinian's ears started to burn under her scrutiny. He cleared his throat, and when he realized she still didn't give any response, he walked to the bed to grab his shirt and put it on as gracefully and as calmly as he could.

It looked like he was unfazed on the surface, but the fact that two of his buttons were put on in the wrong place belied his nervousness.

His ears burned even brighter, and a faded blush rose on his face. He subconsciously turned his face around to avoid meeting her eyes. Then, he coughed louder to grab her attention.

Song Qingchun slowly recovered, and it took her a minute to realize what she had been doing.

Her face was flushed, and she immediately took her eyes away from Su Zhinian. She ran out of his bedroom, completely forgetting the purpose of her being there.

The door was slammed shut heavily, and about one minute later, it was forcefully shoved open again.

Song Qingchun rushed back in with a red face. She dropped the package on Su Zhinian's desk and hurriedly said, "This is yours."

She then retreated out of his bedroom again without even glancing at him.

The bedroom door slammed shut with a bang.

Su Zhinian stared at the package Song Qingchun had dropped on the table, and the faint blush on his face deepened.

After a while, he reached for the document. He was about to open it when the door was opened for the third time.

Su Zhinian stopped moving and turned his gaze toward Song Qingchun, who was standing by the door. She didn't walk in, and her eyes were glued to the desk before him.

Su Zhinian compiled his emotions and opened his lips to ask lightly, "Anything else?"

When Song Qingchun heard his question, she didn't answer but raised her eyes to scan his face. Then she strode into his bedroom. She stopped when she passed the trashcan in his room. She lowered her head and looked in.

There were plenty of blood-dyed cotton balls, and it was heavy with the smell of alcohol.

Some of the cotton balls were still wet, so she knew these were fresh.

Song Qingchun was reminded of the scene on his desk. The medical box was open, and inside was a bag of cotton balls, tweezers, an ointment, and an uncapped alcoholic disinfectant.

Actually, when she came in to give him the package, her eyes had accidentally caught a glimpse of this paraphernalia. However, she was in such a rush to leave that she didn't have time to ponder on their presence. It was when she reached her own bedroom that she realized what was wrong.

Why would he take those things out for no reason? He's injured?

She thought about it, and she returned to his bedroom because she was concerned. As she expected, she found the bloodied cotton balls in his trashcan.

Song Qingchun's lips stretched to a thin line as she turned to look at Su Zhinian. "Where are you hurt?"

When Song Qingchun looked into the trashcan, Su Zhinian knew what was on her mind.

He was indeed injured. When he tackled the deliveryman off his feet at her office, his leg had been injured in the process. It went to show how aggressive he had been then.