Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Was That You? 16
Chapter 305: Was That You? (16)
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Needless to say, he didn't wish to let her know he had been injured. However, she had appeared too suddenly earlier. He had been so caught up putting clothes on that he forgot to take care of the medical box on his desk.

And so, she still found out in the end. So he was actually dressing his wound which explained the state of dressing she found him in earlier.

Based on the blood-soaked cotton balls in the trashcan, Su Zhinian's injury is quite serious.

Song Qingchun couldn't not help, so she squatted before Su Zhinian and reached out to pat his body after realizing that the man wasn't going to answer her. When her fingers touched his right lower calf, Su Zhinian, who was lost in his thought, suddenly shuddered.

Song Qingchun stopped moving and carefully rolled up the right leg of his pants. There was a sizeable gash on his lower leg, and blood was still oozing out of two spots where the wound was the most serious.

"How did you get it so injured?" Song Qingchun frowned. She then turned around to grab the tweezers to soak a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe Su Zhinian's wounds. "Be patient, this might sting a little."

Then, she pressed the ball on his wounds. Even though the man didn't say a word, Song Qingchun could still see his feet lightly shake. She naturally lightened her force.

Song Qingchun repeated this motion several times before she finished disinfecting Su Zhinian's wound. She pulled out a cotton swab and dabbed it with the ointment before applying it lightly on his wound. She couldn't help but ask, "Is this from the fight with the deliveryman this afternoon?"

That was not the truth, but he couldn't possibly let Song Qingchun know the injury was caused by his superpower. Therefore, Su Zhinian merely nodded with a light "Hmm."

"It must really hurt. Why didn't you mention it earlier? Wounds have to be fixed as soon as possible, what if you get an infection?"

As she applied the medicine, Song Qingchun grumbled non-stop. She didn't realize it, but her words of reproach revealed her deep concern for him.

"And it is on your right leg. Didn't it hurt when you had to step on the gas pedal when you drove?"

"Also, you" Song Qingchun paused before continuing. "You even managed to walk for such a long distance. I wonder, do you even have pain receptors? Do you really think you're made of iron? And you're injured, so why would you get into the shower?

"Do you even know how to take care of yourself?"

Su Zhinian wasn't irked in any way by Song Qingchun's continuous berating and complaining. He stared at her serious face as she applied the medicine, and his lips slowly curved into a smile.

She's worried about me Earlier, she even almost asked why I would carry her over such a long distance if I'm injured.

An inexplicable satisfaction suffused his entire body. He had never wished for her to be good to him, so whenever she showed him a teensy bit of kindness, it felt like he had gained the whole world.

After Song Qingchun finished applying the medicine, she was worried the fabric of his pants would affect the recovery of his wounds, so she grabbed some gauze to fix a simple bandage over his wounds.

"Don't remove this gauze before the night falls, I'm afraid the wound might not recover nicely if you do."