Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Was That You? 18
Chapter 307: Was That You? (18)
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Su Zhinian seemed to be confused by her question because his eyes stared at her, filled with befuddlement. "What do you mean by that?"

Song Qingchun stared straight into his eyes and pressed. "Have you?"

He didn't like where this line of questioning was going but he realized she wouldn't give up until she got an answer. So, after a short period of silence, he answered, "I have not."

"I have." She admitted almost at the same time as he gave his answer. Without taking a breath, she rattled off the eleven digits of the mystery number. The number that had been used to send her all those messages.

After she did so, her gaze scanned Su Zhinian's face closely as if trying to catch any trace of a clue from his face.

However, it seemed like Su Zhinian had just heard those eleven digits for the first time in his life. There was no noticeable change on his face other than confusion. He looked at her with utter bewilderment and even asked, "What are those numbers?"

What are those numbers? Does he really not know what they mean, or is he just pretending?

Song Qingchun continued to study Su Zhinian for a while before continuing. "This is a phone number. The owner of this number has been watching over me, and he began doing that in the dark five years ago."

This time, she didn't give him any chance to respond and finished everything she wanted to say in one breath.

"For five years, whenever I faced an impossible hurdle, this number would send me a message to help me overcome it, and whenever I felt low, he would send me a message of well wishes. It might sound like nothing, but they always cheer me up.

"Furthermore, I've mentioned this to you several days ago. Recently, someone has been attempting to take my life, but at the most crucial moment, I have been able to survive it. It was not until the night of New Year's Eve that I realized someone has been protecting me secretly.

"Therefore, this allowed me to come to the conclusion that this person, who continuously manages to save me from danger at the most crucial moment, has to be the same person who has been keeping tabs on me for the last five years."

A feeling of affirmation crossed Song Qingchun's eyes, which were staring right at Su Zhinian. She bit her lips and added, "This person, who has been protecting me, has been watching over me for five years. This means that I am of a certain importance in his heart. Therefore, since the source of the multiple dangers that have befallen me recently hasn't been abolished, it only makes sense for him to keep a closer eye on me, right?"

Song Qingchun gulped. "Therefore, when I got caught in the dangerous situation at the office today, it would make sense for that person to be the first to jump out to save me, right?"

Even though Su Zhinian was unable to read Song Qingchun's thoughts, he could guess where she was going with her series of extrapolations and questions.

"And the person who came to save me was you." Song Qingchun suddenly stopped after she said that sentence.

Su Zhinian maintained a measured expression, one that didn't showcase any trace of anxiety or nerves, even though his heart was strung taut. It was as he'd expected.

The room was exceptionally quiet with neither of them talking. After a long time, Song Qingchun finally asked the question that was clouding her mind.

"Was that you?"