Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Was That You? 19
Chapter 308: Was That You? (19)
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"Are you the person who has been sending me these messages for the last five years?

"Are you the person who has been wiping away my tears whenever I cried?


She was the one doing the questioning, but her heart was racing at an abnormal speed, and her hands were clenched into fists as she stared at the startlingly handsome face, which gazed emotionlessly back at her.

"are you the person who has been secretly protecting me over the past few days?"

Song Qingchun's three questions were sharp, clean, and straight to the point. There was no room for misinterpretation.

However, her sharp questions were like heavy punches landing on a pillow, barely able to elicit any responses out of him.

He sat there quietly and calmly, his whole body radiating his usual sense of aloofness and coldness. After she finished, he lowered his gaze for two seconds before slowly moving his head up to look into her eyes. Then, he answered her question in a serene and soulful voice that tugged at her heartstrings.

"I am not."

There was obvious hesitation on Song Qingchun's face. "But I feel that person is you"

"You feel?" Su Zhinian scoffed, picking out the weakness in her statement. Even though he didn't lay it all out in the open, Song Qingchun understood what he meant; her feeling didn't equate to the truth.

Song Qingchun opened her mouth to object, but no voice came out.

"You're mistaken." Su Zhinian's gaze settled on her face for a few moments before moving it easily away to look at the gorgeous scenery outside. He then added a few words, "The person you're talking about is not me."

The moment he said that his eyes squinted to hide the stark pain in them. The pain disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

The sunlight carved out a beautiful golden halo around Su Zhinian's body, one that took Song Qingchun's breath away.

She was unable to catch a good look of his face, but she could hear sincerity from his earlier words. It didn't sound like he was lying to her, but he was not giving her the answer she had been hoping for.

Is he really not lying to me? But if he is not it, then who could that person be? She thought about it, and there was no better candidate than Su Zhinian.

Just as she was going to ask more questions, there was a voice inside her heart that told her that she was right on the money; he was that person all along. Song Qingchun didn't know whether this was due to her hopeful thinking or because she simply wished to have this mystery solved.

Regardless, the hope and joy that she had been carrying was easily extinguished by a few harsh words. She was sad, and her first response was denial, thus making the rest of her argument sound rather hurried and lame.

"The feeling that you give me is very similar to the feeling the owner of this mystery number gives me. The feeling I got every time I woke up from my memory losses to find that my tears had been wiped away after a long night of crying was similar to how I felt when you were comforting me that night at the hotel."