Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 310

Chapter 310: I Dont Need Your Charity 1
Chapter 310: I Don't Need Your Charity (1)
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His appearance when Qin Yinan had greatly disappointed her had given her hope and warmth. Their relationship recently had been incredibly harmonious. In fact, without her knowing it, he had become an important fixture of her life, so much so that she once felt he was as good to her as Qin Yinan once was.

However, she didn't realize that was simply because he felt indebted to her; it was his charity.

The amount of warmth she felt from his kindness earlier was similar to how cold she felt right then. She realized heaven and hell was truly an intention away.

The warm air processed by the heater fell on her body soundlessly, but her limbs were chilled to their bones. If anything, the contrast only made her realize how chilled she felt.

She told herself, she really should give up on the hope that he was the person she was looking for, but rationality had no place to dictate the matters of the heart. Through the mist that appeared in her eyes, she looked at him and asked softly, "Then, why did you just so happen to appear at my company today?"

The one thing he hated the most in the world was seeing her cry. He had appeared so many times silently by her side to wipe away her tears, but now, he had become the cause for her tears.

He stared into her black eyes and the mist that could fall as tears at any moment as he replied in a chilling tone, "I was looking for Sun Yang."

Sun Yang was TW Station's CEO, Song Qingchun's big boss.

"I was also surprised by what I saw when the elevator opened. To be honest, I didn't even have any idea who I had saved before I tackled the deliveryman; it was only later that I realized that person was you."

It was not that Su Zhinian hadn't prepared for the day she would find out about his secret. He had prepared the lies that he would need beforehand in case the day really arrived, but he had truly surprised himself at how perfectly emotionless he was acting at the moment.

So, he was merely being heroic and not because of me.

Song Qingchun had never considered herself an annoyingly persistent personshe didn't even act this way with her most favorite Brother Yinanbut that day, she had asked more questions than she knew decorum allowed. She knew it was time to leave with the remnants of dignity she still had.

She tried her best to sound as bright as possible when she said, "I'm sorry, I probably was mistaken then."

However, she still couldn't help herself from getting choked on her words.

Su Zhinian, surprising even himself, managed to squeeze a generous-sounding "It's okay."

Then, he followed the flow of conversation, adding some words of consolation, "I hope you'll soon find the person you're looking for."

Song Qingchun's heart was breaking, but she forced a smile and replied, "Thank you."

Without missing a beat, she added, "If there's nothing else, I shall return to my room."

She knew that her smile must have looked even more awkward than her tears, but she forced her lips to curve upwards. It was not until she saw him nod wordlessly that she dared turn around and allow her tears to fall.