Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 313

Chapter 313: I Dont Need Your Charity 4
Chapter 313: I Don't Need Your Charity (4)
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When Su Zhinian was in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew, he considered making a glass of brown sugar water for Song Qingchun. He picked up a glass and eventually set it back down.

I have to stop being so ostentatiously good to her; it'll be better that way.

Su Zhinian returned to his study, but he found himself unable to focus. Frustrated, he closed his computer, and his attention wandered out the window. Eventually, he pulled out his phone to order take-out.

Normally, Song Qingchun would go downstairs to prepare dinner at around 6 pm, but she was not feeling so well that day, so when she reached the kitchen, it was already 6.30 pm.

The doorbell rang when she was preparing to cook. Song Qingchun placed all the ingredients away and headed to the front door.

She realized it was yet another delivery. She had the person leave the items on the floor and waited until the deliveryman had departed before opening the door to retrieve the package. It was take-out from Golden Corner. According to the take-out order pasted on top, the dishes were all her favorites.

There was only herself and Su Zhinian at home; she was sure she hadn't ordered any take-out, so it had to have been Su Zhinian.

It has been my habit to prepare dinner daily, so why did he call for take-out today? Is it because he noticed I was not feeling well this afternoon?

If this was before, Song Qingchun would definitely have felt warmth in her heart, but for some reason, all she was feeling then was a sense of disappointment. Song Qingchun hauled the take-out into the dining room and placed it on individual plates before calling Su Zhinian down for dinner.

The door to his study was closed. She stood outside the door and was going to knock on it like usual to announce that dinner was ready before turning back downstairs. However, before her hand could reach the wooden door, Su Zhinian's cold voice drifted out from within.

"Tomorrow? I don't think I can make it tomorrow I know about the cooperative proposal with SR. We've been following that for half a year already, and now, finally, they are showing the interest to cooperate. I know that is not easy, but I have something even more important to deal with tomorrow. The bottom line is I cannot go to the company tomorrow. If this sours the relationship with SR, then so be it. If there's nothing else, I'm going to hang up now."

The moment Su Zhinian hung up his hand phone, the landline in his study rang. He picked up immediately, and after a period of silencethe person on the other end was probably talkingSu Zhinian replied in a rather annoyed fashion, "Haven't I mentioned that tomorrow's meeting will be postponed? You people cannot handle such a simple thing without me? Then, why did I spend so much money to hire all of you, to be vases and decorations?"

Then, Song Qingchun heard the sound of the phone slamming. The study finally became quiet again. Song Qingchun stood at the door for a while before raising her hand again to knock on the door.

"Come in."

Song Qingchun pushed the door open and habitually glanced toward the desk. Su Zhinian was not there. Eventually her gaze found him standing motionlessly before the window, looking out at the starlit night. She couldn't attempt to guess his thoughts.

Song Qingchun didn't step into his study but said softly, "The take-out's here."

Su Zhinian didn't turn around and didn't reply.

Song Qingchun was ready to leave when Su Zhinian's cell phone rang once more. He picked it up to look at the caller ID. After a long time, he finally chose to answer it. Then, he uttered a name she was familiar with.

"Tang Nuo."