Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 314

Chapter 314: I Dont Need Your Charity 5
Chapter 314: I Don't Need Your Charity (5)
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Su Zhinian's phone was not on speaker, and she was quite a distance away, so Song Qingchun couldn't tell what Tang Nuo said on the phone. After about a minute, Su Zhinian suddenly turned to glance at her before mumbling an okay into the phone.

After a while, he added, "I really will be busy these next few days. Yes, it has been my lifelong dream to work with SR, but as they say, dreams are beautiful because they cannot be fulfilled."

"Sad?" There was a barely discernible coarseness to Su Zhinian's voice. When he said this word, his voice sounded as low as his spirits.

He was facing away from her, so she couldn't catch his expression, but she could sense the heavy feeling of helplessness radiating from his frame.

"It's not like I have not experienced something sadder"

For some reason, when he said this sentence, Song Qingchun's heart squeezed with pain, a pain even more acute than the pain he had given her several days ago.

Su Zhinian's phone kept on ringing through the night and the words "SR" and "not going to the company" fell from his lips constantly.

Song Qingchun knew of SR; it was a famous global enterprise.

From the snippets of phone conservation, Song Qingchun could tell SR was the company Su Zhinian had been trying to deal with perhaps ever since he started his company. Su Zhinian's company had been liaising with SR for more than half a year, and they had finally showed interest by sending their representative to Beijing to visit his company and discuss the possibility of a cooperation. However, at this most crucial moment, the company CEO, Su Zhinian, had suddenly said he was unable to go to the company.

The phone calls he had received were all calls trying to persuade him to change his mind. However, even until they finished dinner, Song Qingchun realized Su Zhinian didn't show any sign of budging from his position.

Su Zhinian was home every day throughout her break period. Song Qingchun knew this was because he was afraid some danger might come to her should he leave her alone at home. He was shouldering the responsibilities of two companies and the job stability of more than one thousand people, and yet, he was willing to put that all on the line, and now even his lifelong dream of cooperating with SR, simply because of her.

The feeling of disappointment and loss Song Qingchun felt when she saw the take-out dinner had a resurgence in her heart.

So what if he's good to me? It's just to repay the debt he felt he owed me. If not for the incident that happened five years ago, he wouldn't have given a minute of his day, I'm sure.

The words he said that day had pierced through her dignity and heart. If this had happened one month earlier, she would have cheered; she would have been the first to hold a celebratory party if his company went under. However, now, she realized disappointedly that even if she knew he was merely making amends, she didn't have the heart to witness him give up so much for her.

Song Qingchun struggled internally for a long time. When Su Zhinian placed his chopsticks down and prepared to leave the table, she finally said something.

"Su Zhinian."

Su Zhinian looked toward her with surprise; a shallow hue of joyful astonishment colored the bottom of his eyes. He replied after a delayed moment, "What's wrong?"