Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 315

Chapter 315: I Dont Need Your Charity 6
Chapter 315: I Don't Need Your Charity (6)
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Song Qingchun lowered her head to avoid Su Zhinian's gaze as she gripped the chopsticks in her hand tightly. Before she could force the words out of her mouth, there was already a prickly sensation around her eyes, and her throat closed slightly. She took a deep breath and said, "Su Zhinian, I don't need your charity."

The joy at the bottom of Su Zhinian's eyes started to disperse. He looked at her silently.

"Su Zhinian" She called his name again as she looked up, and her lips curved into a self-deprecating smile. About ten seconds later, she swallowed again, silently yet forcefully, as if trying to push down the sadness that had collected at her throat. She made herself sound as bright as possible when she continued speaking. "If you are giving up this wonderful opportunity to fulfil your lifelong dream simply because you feel indebted to me because you took my virginity so many years ago, I wish to inform you sincerely that there is no need for that."

Opposite Song Qingchun, Su Zhinian sat with his spine straight. His gaze was still on her, but his expression started to blur, covered by the chandelier's light that fell on his handsome face.

Song Qingchun felt pain at the back of her eyes from the pooling of tears. She lowered her head and whispered, "Please go to work at your company tomorrow because I am going to be away from home as well."

Song Qingchun stopped because she choked on her voice. After a necessary pause, she continued, "No matter what, I wish to apologize for the trouble and inconvenience I have caused you recently."

Then, Song Qingchun pushed the chair back as she stood up, grabbed all the plates and utensil off the table, and headed into the kitchen.

When Song Qingchun finished the dishes and exited the kitchen, Su Zhinian was no longer sitting in the dining room.

She stared at the chair Su Zhinian had vacated, and her focus swayed. Ever since he told her everything he had done was to repay a debt, there was something she didn't dare toand didn't know how toexamine burgeoning in her heart.

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated Song Qingchun became. She wiped the table with more force than necessary, and only stopped when the dining table was practically glistening like a mirror. She returned to the kitchen to clean her hands and retreated to her room.

Due to her period pain, Song Qingchun went into bed after an early shower. However, she had trouble sleeping. She hugged her pillows, thinking about what she should do when Su Zhinian was not home tomorrow. Will anything dangerous happen if I stay home alone? Who can I find to accompany me if I do go out? Brother Yinan? But he already has a girlfriend, bothering him doesn't sound like a bright idea.

Song Qingchun buried her face into the fluffy pillow, and a haze of sadness enveloped her, causing her to grumble softly to herself, "If only Song Cheng were still alive"

Song Qingchun eventually sighed and said, "Bah, I probably shouldn't pull anyone else into this mess. If something really happens, I wouldn't wish the tragedy on any one of my friends.

"How about this? I'll just leave home early in the morning and quietly return after he leaves for his company. With the doors and windows all locked, I'm sure I'll be as safe as anything at home, right?

"Furthermore, the real perpetrator has been apprehended, so why am I scaring myself? Therefore, Song Qingchun, it'll be fine, it'll be fine, it'll be fine"

Song Qingchun repeated "it'll be fine" many times to convince herself, but no matter how frequent she repeated it, there was still a trace of fear in her heart that wouldn't disappear.