Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 316

Chapter 316: I Dont Need Your Charity 7
Chapter 316: I Don't Need Your Charity (7)
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She gripped the mattress tightly as she looked out the window at the night sky. A faded consternation climbed up her brows. "If only I didn't push myself to ask Ma"

Song Qingchun stopped to correct herself before continuing. "Sanitary Su those questions that day."

Even though she resented him in some ways for being so inconsiderate of her feelings, she still found herself unable to use the term 'Maniac Su' to refer to the man.

"Then, I would have been able to trouble him to send me to and from work like usual, but now"

Song Qingchun slowly closed her eyes as she took a deep sigh. She finished the sentence in her mind. But now, I know all the kindness he has ever shown me was merely to repay a debt. I simply can't take advantage of him anymore. I still have my dignity left.

Song Qingchun realized once more a familiar pain had appeared at the bottom of her heart. It was concentrated and sharp, causing her heart to ache with every breath.

She was so focused on mending her wounds that she didn't realize what the cause of her pain was. She had so many friends she could ask for help, but why did she feel pain when she realized she could no longer ask him for help?

"It'll be fine, it'll be fine, Song Qingchun, it'll be fine, it'll be fine"

Su Zhinian leaned on the faux-leather European chaise, listening to Song Qingchun's voice, which was smothered by the mattress. His gaze was glued to a modern-style floor lamp before him.

Initially, he was slowly counting every "it'll be fine" that came out of her mouth, but he eventually lost count until he heard her mumble, "Then, I would have been able to trouble him to send me to and from work like usual"

Right then, his heart felt like it was clamped by a vice, causing all the air to leave his body in an instant.

The cruel words that he had uttered a few days ago completely undid the close relationship that they had managed to nurture. It was beautiful but not destined to bloom, therefore, it could only wither.

He would never again hear her say, "Su Zhinian, I have a favor to ask"

In reality, he shouldn't feel sad. After all, this was what he wanted; this was how he wished it would end.

However, he couldn't stop his heart from breaking. He wished desperately that she would trouble him for life, but he knew when their story reached the end, the person standing beside her could never be him.

Song Qingchun was woken up by her alarm early the next morning. She jumped out of bed, washed her face and teeth, and then ran downstairs to prepare breakfast. When she went up to call Su Zhinian; it was 7 am, her time of freedom.

Song Qingchun stood beside his bedroom door and knocked. "Breakfast's ready."

The room beyond the door was quiet, and there was no answer. She assumed Su Zhinian was still sleeping, so she returned to her bedroom. She didn't plan to stray far from his house, so she merely grabbed her wallet and her phone and shoved them into her bag before leaving her bedroom.

She left a note on Su Zhinian's bedroom door before leaving.

Song Qingchun put on a pair of high heels at the front door, but after realizing the mall wouldn't be opened so early in the morning, she switched them out for a pair of flats. She decided to go to the nearby park for a little jog instead.