Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 317

Chapter 317: I Dont Need Your Charity 8
Chapter 317: I Don't Need Your Charity (8)
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Song Qingchun, who had sheltered herself indoors for the past few days, started to shiver the moment she pushed the door open. She instinctually pulled the sleeve of her clothes up to cover her neck and took a deep breath before walking into the cold. However, she merely took two steps and hadn't even gotten down the steps when she stopped in her tracks.

Su Zhinian, in a black winter-coat, was leaning against his car leisurely with both of his hands tucked into the pockets.

Underneath the winter-coat was a similarly black suit, a simple white dress shirt, and a tie with black and white stripes. It gave him an air of royalty. His hair was tousled, and his exposed ears were red. It was probably due to the fact he had been standing in the cold winds for some time.

Su Zhinian turned to look at her when he heard the door open.

Song Qingchun stood for a while on the steps before regaining her senses and slowly took the steps toward him. When she brushed past Su Zhinian, she still decided to greet him after some hesitation.

"I'm just going out"

Before she could finish her sentence, Su Zhinian suddenly straightened himself and reached out to grab her elbow. Without saying anything, he pulled her around the car, opened the door to the passenger side, and shoved her in.

"Su Zhinian, what are you doing?" Song Qingchun, who was confounded by his series of actions, demanded as she struggled to exit his car. The man reacted faster than she did, and he pressed a palm on her to fix her in her seat and leaned over to help her with the seatbelt with his other hand. Then, he leaned back out and slammed the door shut. Before she realized what was really happening, he had already hopped into the car, started the engine, stepped on the gas, and left the bungalow.

The roads of Beijing at 7 am were empty, so Su Zhinian drove quite fast. Song Qingchun did ask him several times where they were going, but he answered none of her question.

Just as Song Qingchun was going to lose her temper, Su Zhinian suddenly made a turn off the main road, continued for another a hundred meters, and stopped before a tall skyscraper.

Su Zhinian stopped the engine, hopped out of the car, went to the passenger side, pulled the door open, and signaled for Song Qingchun to get down before the security arrived.

Song Qingchun did as she was told, and as she was standing on firm ground, she finally realized they were at Su Zhinian's company.

She subconsciously turned to look at Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian acted as if he couldn't feel her gaze on him and tossed his car keys casually to the waiting security guard. Then, he reached out to grab her hand and dragged her toward the lobby.

The receptionist, who had not seen Su Zhinian arrive at the company for a long time, was visibly shocked. Her eyes only grew even bigger when she saw her boss was dragging a woman behind him. After a whole minute, she rushed to the elevator to operate it for Su Zhinian, greeting him in the process. "Good morning, CEO Su."

Su Zhinian didn't even nod to acknowledge the receptionist's greeting and pulled Song Qingchun into the elevator as it arrived.

The elevator went to the top floor, and it was a female secretary who saw Su Zhinian walk in first. She stood up to greet him with a, "Good" but her words got caught in her throat when she noticed Song Qingchun, who was behind Su Zhinian. The secretary was obviously stunned.

"morning, CEO Su."