Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 318

Chapter 318: I Dont Need Your Charity 9
Chapter 318: I Don't Need Your Charity (9)
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"Hmm." Su Zhinian, with his lips still zipped shut, acknowledged her with a guttural sound. With his hand still attached to Song Qingchun, he dragged her toward his office. Before opening the door, he turned to look at the table closest to his office. He frowned when he noticed it was empty. Then he turned to ask, "Where's Cheng Qingchong?"

"Sister Cheng is in the breakroom," answered the female secretary who had just greeted Su Zhinian and tried her best to move her gaze away from Song Qingchun to Su Zhinian. "When Sister Cheng returns, I'll remind her to come see CEO Su in your office."

Su Zhinian nodded emotionlessly and reached out to open the door to his office. Before walking in, he stopped and turned to order, "Go downstairs and buy some breakfast, have Cheng Qingchong bring it with her when she returns."

"Yes, CEO Su."

Su Zhinian didn't say anything more and dragged Song Qingchun into his office. Then, he closed the door, blocking the gaze of the whole office, which had been following Song Qingchun.

Su Zhinian released his grasp on Song Qingchun's hand and pointed at the sofa in the room, signaling for Song Qingchun to sit there. Then he removed his coat to hang it and posited himself before his desk.

The documents had piled up to the height of a small mountain since he had been absent from the company for a few days. Su Zhinian flipped through them randomly, and before he had begun, he already felt a headache coming.

When Su Zhinian booted up his computer, he caught, out of the corner of his eye, Song Qingchun, who was standing by the door, staring directly at him with her pair of dark, watery eyes.

His fingers that were keying in the password stopped. He looked at his keyboard for some time before raising his head to meet Song Qingchun's gaze. "Before the police concludes the case, you'd better not go wandering off in case anything dangerous happens to you."

Su Zhinian seemed to have more he wanted to say, but he didn't add anything after the pause beyond the last reminder. "Today, you can stay in my office."

Then he proceeded to ignore Song Qingchun and focus on his work.

"What the hell Didn't I tell him I don't need him to do all this for me anymore? Why did he drag me to his company" Song Qingchun couldn't help but grumble under her breath as she watched Su Zhinian busy himself with his work.

Before Song Qingchun could finish her complaint, she saw Su Zhinian's eyes slowly float toward her. She immediately managed her expression and forced a smile at him. When Su Zhinian moved his gaze away, she rolled her eyes and pouted with derision as she walked toward the sofa Su Zhinian had pointed at earlier.

Song Qingchun had just sat down for ten seconds before she heard a knock on the door.

Su Zhinian answered the knock without even taking his eyes off his work.

The door was pushed open to a reveal a young woman in a light pastel suit. The woman's long hair fell beside her ears that were adorned with a pair of white pearl earrings. They accentuated the woman's graceful beauty and quiet intellect.

"CEO Su" The woman began in a soft and gentle voice. However, even though she was talking to Su Zhinian, her eyes gradually wandered toward Song Qingchun.

When Song Qingchun caught her gaze, the woman even gave her a warm and friendly smile. Then she walked to Su Zhinian's desk and placed a set of breakfast on it. "CEO Su, the breakfast that you ordered."