Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 319

Chapter 319: I Dont Need Your Charity 10
Chapter 319: I Don't Need Your Charity (10)
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"Okay," Su Zhinian answered while staring at a document.

Cheng Qingchong was used to Su Zhinian's ways, so she didn't say much but turned to place the other breakfast before Song Qingchun.

When Song Qingchun thanked her, she realized the other woman's eyes were studying her. Song Qingchun smiled at her, which seemed to draw the woman out of her reverie. Su Zhinian's secretary then delivered her a kind smile before nodding at her and standing up to walk to Su Zhinian's desk. Then in a professional tone, she reported the recent activities that had happened at the company and the few crucial tasks that needed his immediate attention.

Su Zhinian didn't once take his eyes off his work while he listened to Cheng Qingchong. He waited until Cheng Qingchun finished before he asked, while signing a document, "When will the representative from SR arrive?"

"10 am."

Su Zhinian put the pen down and glanced at his wrist watch. He put the document away and said, "Have the manager from human resources, sales, management, and tech come to my office one by one in that order. Tell them, each of them only has 10 minutes, so make sure they keep to the important details and don't waste my time."

"Yes, CEO Su."

Su Zhinian picked up another document and started to read. As Cheng Qingchong moved to carry out his order, Su Zhinian suddenly called her name.

"Cheng Qingchong."

Cheng Qingchong stopped and turned around. Su Zhinian waved for her to get closer. Cheng Qingchong frowned with a short hesitation before leaning in. Su Zhinian stood up slightly from his seat and got closer to her ear. Using a voice that was audible to the two of them only, Su Zhinian spoke for about three minutes. Throughout the process, Cheng Qingchong kept nodding with a smile on her face. When Su Zhinian finished, she replied with a soft, "Yes, CEO Su."

She glanced at Song Qingchun, who was taking a sip of the soy bean milk, before leaving Su Zhinian's office.

Two minutes after Cheng Qingchong left, there was a stream of people that headed into Su Zhinian's office. All of them tried to hide the interested glances that they kept tossing Song Qingchun's way.

The sofa in Su Zhinian's office was huge, but since Song Qingchun was sitting on it, he didn't signal for anyone else to sit there. They all stood before his desk to give their report.

Cheng Qingchong returned once. She was carrying a large bag in her hands, but instead of going to Su Zhinian, she placed the bag before Song Qingchun. She smiled kindly at Song Qingchun and whispered, "Call me if you need anything else."

Then, she smiled once more at Song Qingchun before leaving the office.

Song Qingchun searched through the giant bag and realized it contained a variety of magazines, snacks, and a laptop.

This was probably Su Zhinian's order. Song Qingchun subconsciously glanced toward Su Zhinian, who was busy with his work.

Just like he dealt with Cheng Qingchong, he alternated between the discussion with his managers and the mountain of paperwork that had piled on top of his desk.

His face was drawn with focus and concentration, his every movement a manifestation of a strategist's confidence and prowess.

He was naturally reserved and aloof around the fairer sex, which was why certain parts of the internet made him out to be as alluring as a forbidden fruit. For some reason, the absolute focus and serenity he showcased while he was working added to that attraction of the forbidden. A monastic chill radiated from every cell of his body.