Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 320

Chapter 320: The Quiet Man 1
Chapter 320: The Quiet Man (1)
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His face was like the masterpiece of a Greek artist who had put their attention into every line and angle on his face. Even though he was not wearing an expression, it could still present a fatal attraction, one that would ensure people were not able to take their eyes off him.

His brows would crease and relax as he read through the document. When he made a decision with his workers, his fingers would occasionally twiddle the pen in his grasp or habitually reach out to his temples to massage them. His movement was slow when he read the document, his eyes following his progress closely, starting from the top left and going from one line to another. There was no hesitation when he dropped his signature; it was done in one smooth motion.

Song Qingchun had seen many people at work before, but she had never realized a person could be so fatally attractive when he was absolutely focused on his work. It was then that she realized a man could exude natural temptations when he worked.

The sound of discussion in the room fell away from Song Qingchun's ears as she lost herself studying Su Zhinian.

After some time, probably reminded of the fact Song Qingchun was still in the room, or maybe he could feel her gaze on him, Su Zhinian placed a signed document on his desk, and his eyes slowly turned to Song Qingchun.

When their eyes met, Song Qingchun lowered her eyes hurriedly and pretended to search for something in the large bag left behind by Cheng Qingchong. She eventually pulled out a magazine and pretended to read it.

She stared at the magazine for a long time, but none of the content registered in her mind. There were multiple voices talking about the issues of liquidation in the room, but the voice that fell into her ears was Su Zhinian's alone.

His tone was levelled, mirroring his personality. There was a sense of aloofness, devoid of obvious rhythm and emotion. However, in Song Qingchun's ears, his words were as mellifluous as an angel's song. Song Qingchun was so caught up drinking in Su Zhinian's voice that the colorful pages she was supposed to be looking at gradually turned into images of Su Zhinian at work.

It was only when Cheng Qingchong returned to the office and served her a cup of milk tea that her attention was pulled back to the present. She looked at Cheng Qingchong confusedly and even let out a "Hmm?"

"This here is the sugar packet. You can add it if you think the drink is not sweet enough." Cheng Qingchong didn't show any sign of impatience and repeated the sentence she said earlier gently.

"Thank you," Song Qingchun said, and she realized there were only herself, Su Zhinian, and Cheng Qingchong left in his office. The group of people who were there to discuss business with him had completely disappeared.

"You're welcome," Cheng Qingchong replied with a pair of smiling eyes. She then left the room, taking the waste leftover from the breakfasts with her.

Su Zhinian's office was perfectly soundproof. Other than the sound of the air purifier, there was no other noise.

Song Qingchun had never been in quiet company with Su Zhinian before at the bungalow, and for some reason, her heart started to race.

She flipped through the magazine that she had lost all interest in, and without realizing it herself, the corner of her eyes kept drifting toward Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian was still and silent. He worked through the mountain of documents with absolute focus as if he didn't know the meaning of the word 'tired'.