Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 321

Chapter 321: The Quiet Man 2
Chapter 321: The Quiet Man (2)
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The girl was reminded of the quiet, working type, as she studied the man who was concentrating fully in his work. She could understand the attraction.

She finally understood why they say the most attractive man is a hardworking man.

Now that I think about it, Su Zhinian definitely fits the profile of any woman's dream catch. Handsome, wealthy, and fit. He has a natural body frame that could support and bring out the best of a tailored suit. If he came from a wealthy family with complicated power struggles, then he would truly be one of the male leads of those silly romance web novels.

Alas, Su Zhinian came from a rather simple and, honestly, quite sad background. Raised by a single mother who suffered from a serious illness during his growing years, forcing him to enter the workforce while he was still young. I can still remember him having to look for part time work online when he stayed at my house.

Song Qingchun allowed her mind to wander, and when she returned to the present, she was shocked to realize Su Zhinian was still in his absolute focus.

Just how does he manage to maintain such a level of concentration? How can he be enraptured by something as boring as work?

This whole hardworking man with not a concern about the outside world persona does help the 'werewolf' image they gave him though.

Song Qingchun was suddenly reminded of an entry she read on an online dictionary.

Werewolf: A perfect gentleman before the crowd, but your own private beast in bed. Hard at work in suit and tie, hard at work between the sheets as well. Often a creative and powerful lover who would bring you to places where you want to be.

It might sound a bit too salacious, but it did fit Su Zhinian almost too perfectly.

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian and couldn't help but wonder what this cold and aloof man would be like if his flames of passion were ignited.

The man was wearing a sharp suit, and his shirt was buttoned up to his collar, but the image pictured in Song Qingchun's mind was the practically naked man she had seen when she accidentally stumbled into his bedroom several days ago.

The clear and bouncy skin, powerful and reliable chest, as well as taut and stringy muscles

Song Qingchun's eyes gradually moved away from Su Zhinian's face to fall on his chest, abdomen, his mighty pair of legs, before settling on the small opening between his pants and shoes where his fair ankle peeked out from underneath.

I wonder what he would be like in the middle of doing the deed with a woman

That deed had happened between them once, but she had been too afraid and scared at the time to study the details. Therefore, Song Qingchun could only rely on her imagination.

She imagined him kissing a woman's neck, his face flushed with the heat of carnal desire. The moans that he might have made and the glistening sweat that would be stuck to his fair and glowing skin

Song Qingchun's heart started to beat as the images formed in her mind. She felt a heat surge through her body, and even her throat became rather parched.

Just as Song Qingchun moved onto another image that would be too indecent to be put into words, Su Zhinian suddenly closed the file in his hands, put the pen he was using down, and looked toward Song Qingchun.