Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 323

Chapter 323: The Quiet Man 4
Chapter 323: The Quiet Man (4)
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Song Qingchun was alone in the room, so she started to do something she had not done since she arrived that morning: study his office.

Su Zhinian's taste was like his personality, simple but full of charisma. His office's decoration had a minimalistic flair to it, but everything he placed in the room was delicate and exquisite.

His office was huge, and there was a mini tree that reached up toward the ceiling before the floor-length window. A swing chair was hanging from the branch, and Song Qingchun believed it was only for decoration purposes because it looked very much unused.

Song Qingchun felt the scene looked very familiar. She stepped forward to touch the swing, and with her head tilted, she tried to remember where she had seen this scene before. She even sat in the swing chair, hoping it would jog her memory, but she came up with nothing.

Eventually, she stood up and walked toward his desk. She sat in his working chair and spun around twice. Then she gripped the pen he had left on the table. It felt hefty, and Song Qingchun pulled a piece of white paper over. She mimicked Su Zhinian and scrawled some random words on the piece of paper before placing the pen down.

She stood up from the chair and walked to the cabinet that was around three meters tall behind her. The files and documents were arranged nicely behind the glass door. Other than that, there were also foreign books about economics and business. There was a row of drawers underneath. Compelled by curiosity, Song Qingchun pulled on them one by one, and to her surprise, the seventh drawer was not locked.

Song Qingchun's first instinct was to push it back in, but her eyes couldn't help but wander toward its contents. The drawer was filled with various present boxes. From the wrappers and packages, most of them came from world famous brands.

My God Su Zhinian is a present hoarder? Furthermore, these aren't cheap; from a cursory glance, the total value of these presents should be more than eight digits already!

Song Qingchun's interest was piqued. She grabbed the box on top and flipped it open. It was a whole set of jewelry that glistened generously under the lights of the office's chandelier.

This is so pretty Song Qingchun couldn't stop herself from grabbing one of the bracelets and testing it on her wrist. It fitted her perfectly.

It's gorgeous, but how come I've not heard of this brand before?

Song Qingchun flipped the box over to glance at the brand name. She then got out her phone to Google it. She discovered that it was a custom jeweler with more than a hundred years' history based in Hong Kong.

One of these days, if I have the chance to go to Hong Kong, I have to pay the place a visit. Just as Song Qingchun was lost in thought, the office was pushed open, and in walked Cheng Qingchong.

Song Qingchun immediately pulled the bracelet off her wrist, snuck them back into the box, and closed the drawer.

Turning around, she smiled awkwardly at Cheng Qingchong, explaining, "I was looking at the books, and I guess curiosity got the best of me."

Cheng Qingchong replied to her with a smile that seemed to say, it's okay, before asking, "I've ordered lunch, it will probably arrive in half an hour, do you wish to drink anything in the meantime?"

"No thanks, I'm fine." Song Qingchun shook her head. Her eyes eventually wandered back to the drawer filled with presents, and she couldn't help herself from asking, "Miss Cheng, Su Zhinian bought those present for his personal collection?"

"No." Cheng Qingchong was reminded of Su Zhinian's order to keep Song Qingchun company. Noticing the girl was in the mood to chat, she pointed at the sofa and both of them sat down. "Those are presents purchased by CEO Su."