Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 324

Chapter 324: The Quiet Man 5
Chapter 324: The Quiet Man (5)
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"Presents?" A surprised Song Qingchun asked with disbelief, "Those were presents purchased by Su Zhinian?"

"Yes." Cheng Qingchong nodded in confirmation. Whenever a holiday came near, Su Zhinian would pick out several presents, but they never seemed to get gifted; therefore, all of them eventually ended up in the drawer.

It was because of these presents that she realized the man she admired already had a person occupying his heart.

In her capacity as his personal secretary, she was practically always by his side whenever he was at work, and the time he spent at work was severely greater than the time he spent at home. However, she had never once seen this person that her boss had fallen for. Therefore, she had always been curious just what kind of woman had managed to attract Su Zhinian's heart.

This type of curiosity was not jealousy or envy; she purely wanted to know where the man of her heart had placed his. There was a kind of love in the world that wasn't built on the basis of ownership but a blessing that he would find his greatest happiness in life.

Therefore, even though she had never seen his love, she had been quietly praying for them to have a happy ending.

When she exited the bathroom and heard that her boss had dragged a woman to work, her heart was leaping with joy. The woman that her boss loved would be the woman she respected and supported. She could finally meet the woman who would satisfy her curiosity, so how could she not be happy?

Even though Cheng Qingchong had quietly studied Song Qingchun many times earlier, she still couldn't take her eyes off Song Qingchun's exquisite features as she sat across from her. She eventually smiled and continued the conversation. "Yes, those are all presents purchased by CEO Su."

The confusion in Song Qingchun's eyes deepened. "But, if they're presents, how come he hasn't gifted them away and keeps them hidden in this drawer?"

"That is something I don't understand either." Cheng Qingchong shook her head. This was a question that had been troubling her for years as well.

Song Qingchun resonated with this answer given by Cheng Qingchong. She nodded in approval, adding, "You're right, Su Zhinian's brain is wired in a completely different way from a normal human being. There is often a lack of reason to his actions, so if we understood his thoughts, we would definitely need to seek help!"

Cheng Qingchong merely smiled and didn't reply.

The one sitting before her was the real deal; it was her right to mock Big Boss, but Cheng Qingchong didn't dare to.

From their conversation, Song Qingchun knew Cheng Qingchong's name.

Qingchun, Qingchong, they did sound like sisters.

For some reason, Song Qingchun felt weirdly close to Su Zhinian's personal secretary. She took a sip of the milk tea and asked in an attempt to gossip, "Those presents, Su Zhinian purchased them all for one person, right?"

Song Qingchun noticed Cheng Qingchong nod, and she continued her questioning. "Then, do you know who that person is?"

Big Boss has already brought you to the office. If that isn't a way to announce to the world your budding relationship, I really do not know what is.

Cheng Qingchong thought Song Qingchun had asked a funny question because obviously those presents were for Song Qingchun.

Cheng Qingchong smiled gracefully and looked into Song Qingchun's eyes as she replied, "Miss Song, you surely know how to make a joke, isn't the answer to your question fairly obvious?"