Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 327

Chapter 327: The Quiet Man 8
Chapter 327: The Quiet Man (8)
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Song Qingchun's mouth fell open, and her gaze, which was fixed on Cheng Qingchong, was visibly shocked.

Cheng Qingchong's lips turned up slightly, and her face was quiet, as if replaying the memory in her mind. After a long time, she continued in a soft and gentle tone. "Even though he was drunk, I didn't dare intrude too much into his privacy. Therefore, I merely placed him on the bed and prepared to leave. However, just as I leaned in to pull the comforter over him, CEO Su, in his state of inebriation, mumbled another sentence.

"Even though it had been so many years, the sentence is still fresh in my mind, he said" Cheng Qingchong's eyes, which had been looking outside the window, suddenly turned to meet Song Qingchun's gaze. "he said, 'She was my then, is my now, and will be my forever.'"

She was my then, is my now, and will be my forever.

It was Song Qingchun's belief that the most beautiful words Su Zhinian had ever said were, 'I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now, I will use another to make you my wife.'

But the man never ceased to amaze her. Even though the story had nothing to do with her, her heart was deeply touched by it.

She was shocked to realize the softest part hiding deep inside her left chest gave. It was rumbling from some sort of discomfort.

She was my then, is my now, and will be my forever.

Just what kind of relationship would warrant this kind of loyalty?

But why wouldn't she tell her who that person was?

Cheng Qingchong stared at Song Qingchun for a while longer before moving her gaze away. The office was once more plunged into silence. Two beautiful young women sat on the sofa, nursing their own thoughts, with no communication between them.

After some indeterminate amount of time, Cheng Qingchong's phone suddenly rang. It was the take-out delivery from Golden Corner.

She went downstairs to accept the delivery and followed Su Zhinian's order to accompany Song Qingchun for lunch. After lunch, she excused herself to use the bathroom. When she was done, she took a detour to the breakroom to wash some fruits and brought them with her into the office. She was surprised to see Song Qingchun asleep in the swing chair.

Cheng Qingchong put the fruit plate down and went looking for a blanket from Su Zhinian's personal breakroom. The door was pushed open when she returned with a blanket.

"CEO Su," Cheng Qingchong greeted in a whisper.

Su Zhinian nodded slightly as he glanced toward the sofa. His brows creased when he noticed she wasn't there. "Where is she?"

Cheng Qingchong pointed toward the swing and replied, "Miss Song is asleep."

Su Zhinian turned to the direction she was pointing, and he was visibly surprised when he saw the sleeping girl.

He stared at that scene for a long time before he reached out to take the blanket from Cheng Qingchong. "I'll do it."

"Yes, CEO Su." Cheng Qingchong, who knew how to read the atmosphere, added after some pause, "I'll be outside if you need me."

"Wait," Su Zhinian called as she turned to go, and using a low voice, he ordered, "If anyone comes to find me, tell them to return in the late afternoon."

Cheng Qingchong nodded wordlessly as her gaze drifted toward Song Qingchun. Big Boss probably doesn't want anyone to disturb Miss Song's rest.

Su Zhinian didn't say anything as he walked toward Song Qingchun with the blanket in his hands.

Before Cheng Qingchong closed the door, she looked back into the office. She saw Su Zhinian slink toward the swing chair and drape the blanket on the sleeping girl's body in an exceptionally light movement. His face looked at her incredibly softly, and his finger lightly grazed her face, filled with a deep desire to love and cherish.