Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 328

Chapter 328: The Quiet Man 9 10
Chapter 328: The Quiet Man (9 + 10)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Cheng Qingchong's attention was lost as she stared at the scene. Eventually, she closed the door quietly behind her and left the room.

After Song Qingchun told Su Zhinian she didn't need his charity, she had tossed and turned in her bed, thinking about the possible danger that could come to her should she stay at home alone; that had caused her to sleep quite late. That morning she had woken up at 6 am, so she had felt exceptionally drowsy by the time the afternoon came.

Her dreams were filled with images of Su Zhinian working seriously in his suit and tie. It was probably the result of her studying him for so long earlier that afternoon.

Then, the scene in her dreams changed. Suddenly, Su Zhinian's quiet and professional image changed. His tapered fingers reached for his shirt collar to remove the tie slowly and deliberately. Then, he started to work on the buttons on his shirt before undoing the buckle of his belt.

Out of nowhere, the image of Su Zhinian undressing turned into Su Zhinian taking a shower. The water caressed his strong chest and licked his delicious abs before it went trickling downward.

The rest of the image was clouded by the hot steam. When she could see clearly again, Su Zhinian was in bed, leaning the headboard; his perfectly toned upper body was completely exposed since the comforter only reached his waist.

There was originally only one person in her dream, but at this point, a mysterious woman suddenly made an appearance. It was then the scenes in her dream became too salacious to be described here. Song Qingchun had never seen pornography before, but the Korean dramas and Japanese manga she enjoyed would still occasionally show some age-restricted scenes. Somehow, all of the male leads' faces were replaced by Su Zhinian in her dream.

At the beginning, there was no sound in her dream, but eventually, she started to hear passionate moaning and grunting. With a flicker of her eyelashes, Song Qingchun finally woke up. She realized she was in a quiet room, and beautiful rays of sunlight were filtering in through the window.

The atmosphere was one of peace.

Song Qingchun stretched lazily in the swing, and she stared out the window for a long time before she moved her head to take in the room. She eventually noticed Su Zhinian, who was completely focused, working at his desk.

When did he return?

Song Qingchun moved her body and was shocked to realize a blanket was carefully draped over it.

Su Zhinian did this?

Her gaze wandered to the man once more. The afternoon sun fell on him as it streamed through the window, his long and curly lashes creating a pair of beautiful shadows under his eyes.

His skin had the illusion of being transparent, reflecting the light of the afternoon sun. It was truly a mesmerizing picture.

She had spent quite a long time in the morning studying him, but even now, she was still shocked by the view that unfolded before her eyes. Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian for a long time, and her attention started to waver. She then remembered her dream about him.

He had also been working tirelessly in it.

"Ah," Song Qingchun yelped under her breath before using her hands to clamp over her mouth. Her small face was flushed immediately, and her ears burned.

He had not only been working tirelessly in her dream; he had also been doing something else tirelessly in it.

The blood-pumping images from her dream repeated in Song Qingchun's mind as if she was re-watching them in slow-motion.

Su Zhinian was fixing a document that had some incongruities when he heard a soft "ah" in his ears.

He frowned slightly and raised his eyes to look in Song Qingchun's direction. His eyes met the girl's.

Su Zhinian stared at her for a few seconds before putting his pen down and asking in a clear voice, "You're awake?"

The girl didn't respond to him in any way. She merely stared at him like she hadn't even heard him.

Su Zhinian's frown deepened. He assumed her brain was still fuzzy from just waking up, so he added, "Do you want something to drink? I can have Cheng Qingchong send something in."

Su Zhinian reached out to press the phone on his desk as he asked that. Before his finger could hit the call button though, he realized how red Song Qingchun's face was.

The room's temperature is not high, and the only layer on her is just a blanket, she shouldn't be burning up like this Fever?

Su Zhinian thought about it before putting his work away and walked toward Song Qingchun. He stood before her and asked in whisper, "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

The girl still didn't give any response, but her face burned even brighter, as if blood was going to gush out of her nostrils at any moment.

Is it really fever?

Su Zhinian instinctually reached out to place his hand on Song Qingchun's forehead.

A bit hot but not high enough to be a fever Thank god Su Zhinian sighed in relief.

But then, the girl's thoughts started streaming into his mind through the physical contact. Good God, what has happened to me? Isn't it enough that my thoughts started to wander into some unsavory places in the morning, does it need to happen in my dream as well?

Unsavory places? What does she mean by that? Su Zhinian's brows creased, and his hand, which he had been about to move away, stayed firmly on her forehead.

Why did I dream about him in the shower I have not seen him in the shower before, have I?

As the thought cropped up in Song Qingchun's mind, Su Zhinian's eyes narrowed dangerously. Him Who is this him ?

His question was soon answered. Then again, in the dream, Sanitary Su did have quite a good body.

Absolute surprise flashed through Su Zhinian's eyes. Before he could digest the shock, he suffered from another palpable impact due to the thought that appeared in Song Qingchun's mind next.

There were images of him in the various sex positions with a woman in her mind. The images were extremely detailed and precise. He could even see the droplets of sweat that stuck to their skin and hear the sounds of obscene breathing.

But, I have to admit, the images of him doing it with someone were quite hot.

Su Zhinian felt a part of him grow harder, and the blood in his body started to rush into that part. Someone? Who is this someone? What the hell is going on? Why must she think about such dirty stuff for no reason at all?

Su Zhinian was turning away from shyness and frustration. However, before he could pull his hand away, a brand-new thought appeared in the girl's mind.

Eh, why is Maniac Su's face so close to me so suddenly? Hmm, he looks so gorgeous from afar, but upon closer inspection, he's even more handsome. It is truly a face of pure perfection, a face that would make any woman's face light up with a smile and her legs open wide in invitation.

Su Zhinian almost coughed out a mouthful of blood.