Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Too Weak To Get Angry 1
Chapter 329: Too Weak to Get Angry (1)
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Her legs open wide in invitation

Su Zhinian, who could maintain his cool under any circumstances, shivered violently when the sentence in Song Qingchun's heart travelled through his hand and into his mind. He almost coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Who the hell taught her these kinds of descriptions that I've not even heard of before?

As Su Zhinian's hand shivered, it shook Song Qingchun's forehead that was attached to the end of his palm. This movement instantly pulled Song Qingchun back from her wandering thoughts. Immediately, she felt a warm pressure on the top of her face. After one second of confusion, she turned to look at Su Zhinian's face, which was dangerously close to hers.

So, she had not been imagining the close up of Su Zhinian's face in her mind; instead, it was because she didn't realize Su Zhinian himself had wandered so close to her. Oh God, and to think I've been salivating over his good looks throughout the morning.

As the description 'her legs open wide in invitation' drifted across the girl's mind, Song Qingchun felt her face start to burn, and the heat quickly spread throughout her entire body. She knew perfectly well that those were merely thoughts, so Su Zhinian couldn't have known them, but for some reason, Song Qingchun was extremely nervous facing the man, like a thief caught red-handed.

Song Qingchun swallowed multiple times before she found her voice. "What what's wrong?"

Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun for about two seconds before replying. "Nothing, I was worried you were down with fever since your face was so red."

Song Qingchun became increasingly restless under his gaze. She could feel her heart racing at an impossible speed. She didn't dare move recklessly because she felt she might fall at any moment. Her eyes, looking at Su Zhinian, started to dart around. She said in a withering and shaking voice, "There there's no fever; the temperature in the room is a bit hot, that's all"

As she said so, Song Qingchun turned her head down from shame and guilt to avoid Su Zhinian's eyes.

"Is that so?" Su Zhinian added in a breezy tone as he increased pressure to his palm that was placed on her forehead.

Song Qingchun was made flustered by his question. She wanted to reply with a "Yes" in a manner that was as natural as she could manage, but her words were caught in throat. Perhaps she was overthinking it, but for some reason, she felt like he had seen through her real thoughts.

The more Song Qingchun thought about this, the more anxious she became. Her eyes, which were locked onto her knees, started to wander again before settling on the area just below Su Zhinian's waist.

Hmm, what's wrong with his pants? Why is there a bulge?

Su Zhinian had to assume a half-bent posture to feel Song Qingchun's forehead. He was standing in such a way that her legs were caught beside his lower waist. As this thought materialized in her mind, she felt something hard touching her knees.

Song Qingchun's thoughts stopped moving immediately. Even though there were two layers of clothes between them, she could still feel the radiating heat. Then, the reality slowly registered in her mind. No wonder there is a bulge, that that's Sanitary Su

Su Zhinian was caught twice by surprise. Before the thought could finish forming in her mind, he suddenly turned and walked away.