Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Too Weak To Get Angry 3
Chapter 331: Too Weak to Get Angry (3)
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When she noticed this situation, the first thought that crossed Cheng Qingchong's mind was that something unhappy had happened between the two of them and that they were in the middle of a quarrel.

She believed her boss' mood would be incredibly bad, and she might get burned from a careless mistake.

Therefore, before Cheng Qingchong pushed the door to the meeting room open, she snuck a glance through the glass partition beside it. She noticed the icy expression on Su Zhinian's face, and that confirmed her earlier suspicion. She was exceptional careful about her every motion, down to the amount of force she used to push the door open.

When there was still a large distance between Cheng Qingchong and Su Zhinian, she stopped. With an extended arm, she handed the document to Su Zhinian. "CEO Su, the files that you wanted."

Su Zhinian didn't respond; his face didn't even twitch in acknowledgement.

The lack of reaction sent a chill down Cheng Qingchong's spine. Her boss would only react like this when his mood was at its worst. She didn't even dare inhale before taking two steps back to take her own seat at the table. She even surreptitiously pushed her chair as far as she possibly could from Su Zhinian without making too much noise.

The meeting began on time. The first to speak was the Finance Manager. Cheng Qingchong gripped her pen and thought, So this is going to be the first sacrifice. The first one will always get the worst treatment; oh, I can't bear to watch this.

However, to Cheng Qingchong's surprise, Su Zhinian still didn't seem to react in any way, not even giving the Finance Manager a glance after the twenty-minute-long presentation.

This is too out of the ordinary; is this the calm before the storm? A sign that something worse is coming?

Cheng Qingchong took the meeting's minutes carefully with her shaking fingers.

The other managers continued to speak until it was Su Zhinian's turn to conclude the meeting. The room dovetailed into absolute silence because Su Zhinian remained as still as a statue. Like usual, the room of people kept tossing glances at Cheng Qingchong, signaling for her to do her job of reminding Su Zhinian.

Cheng Qingchong really didn't have the guts to do that, but she couldn't just let the roomful of important company managers sit there, wasting time. Therefore, she summoned every bit of courage she had and turned to whisper to Su Zhinian, "CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian still didn't show any sign that he had heard her. Cheng Qingchong increased her volume and called twice. "CEO Su? CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian's eyelids started to move, and Cheng Qingchong felt like she was witnessing a statue come alive. She was about to say, CEO Su, do you have anything to add? However, before she did, she noticed the faded blush that rose to Su Zhinian's face.

Cheng Qingchong looked like she had seen a ghost, and her whole body froze. Her mouth fell open slightly, and she blinked several times at Su Zhinian, even pinching herself under the table to make sure she wasn't imagining stuff.

Is this for real? Big Boss is blushing?

As if confirming her thoughts, she saw with her own two eyes that Su Zhinian's ears had slowly turned bright red.

So, when he blasted out of the office earlier without a glance at Miss Song, he wasn't mad, but he was being shy? Oh my God, I've served Big Boss for so many years, but I've only just found out that he's actually the type that can't admit his feelings