Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Too Weak To Get Angry 4
Chapter 332: Too Weak to Get Angry (4)
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Su Zhinian had been in the world of business for so many years that even if he wasn't paying any attention during the meeting, he wouldn't have made a fool of himself. Therefore, he quickly realized Cheng Qingchong was calling his name. He pulled his attention back to reality, and his gaze swept the gathered managers in the meeting room.

Noticing that they were all staring at him, Su Zhinian realized they were waiting for him to speak. Even though he had no recollection of the meeting at all, he still managed to squeeze out some official-sounding speech. He then ended the meeting without waiting for the room to respond and stood up to leave the room.

Cheng Qingchong grabbed the documents, but she didn't leave the meeting room immediately. She glanced through the glass partition to examine Su Zhinian, who was standing in front of his office.

The floor was quite empty, probably because they had something else to attend to.

With a hand in his pocket, Su Zhinian raised his other hand before lowering it again. He kept repeating this movement.

Cheng Qingchong frowned, confused by his action. Eventually, she made to walk toward him, assuming he needed some help. Just as she was about to call out his name, Su Zhinian, as if sensing her approach, raised his moving arm to his eyes and pretended he was checking the time. He looked at it for two seconds before pushing the door open calmly.

It was not until the door closed that Cheng Qingchong realized what Su Zhinian had been doing earlier. Big Boss wanted to enter his office, but he was too shy to face Miss Song, so he was hesitating. When he realized I was approaching, he pretended to be checking the time to mask his awkwardness.

Cheng Qingchong's lips lifted into a natural smile. Big Boss truly has reached the top of the temperamental scale; that's just too cute!

It was already 5 pm when the meeting ended. There was an important dinner appointment scheduled that day for Su Zhinian at Eldorado. If Su Zhinian hadn't gone in to the company that day, Cheng Qingchong didn't think she could have possibly convinced him to attend the appointment. However, since he was at the company, Cheng Qingchong figured there was no harm in trying.

Cheng Qingchong knocked on Su Zhinian's office door at 5.30 pm.

She pushed open the door after she heard Su Zhinian say, "Come in."

She didn't walk in immediately but stood at the door to observe the situation in the room.

Su Zhinian was seated at his desk working while Miss Song was playing on her phone, reclined in the sofa.

The atmosphere in the room seemed calm on the surface, but when Cheng Qingchong looked closer, she noticed her boss' knuckles were white, evidently gripping the pen too forcefully, and Miss Song's finger was tapping a bit hurriedly on her phone.

Cheng Qingchong walked into the room and noticed Su Zhinian's gaze drift toward Song Qingchun out of the corner of his eyes. However, when his gaze landed on the girl, he quickly retracted his eyes. On the other hand, Song Qingchun surreptitiously raised her eyes to look at the mirror that was hanging in the room. She bit her lower lip, studying Su Zhinian's reflection in the mirror for a few seconds before hurriedly lowering her head with a reddened face.

There was no interaction between the two, but this situation made Cheng Qingchong feel so touched and warm inside.