Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Too Weak To Get Angry 6
Chapter 334: Too Weak to Get Angry (6)
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Even though she didn't know the full extent of the conversation exchange between Cheng Qingchong and Su Zhinian, she had managed to work out from Cheng Qingchong's reaction that there was a dinner appointment at Eldorado that night. Su Zhinian initially didn't want to go, and then Cheng Qingchong mentioned that she wanted to go, and Cheng Qingchong even turned to ask for her cooperation.

She really didn't think that she herself would be able to influence Su Zhinian. The only reason she had helped Cheng Qingchong was because she didn't want Cheng Qingchong to be caught in a lie and get scolded by her boss. She really didn't think Su Zhinian would actually change his mind and agreed to go to Eldorado.

Is this because of me?

If this was before, Song Qingchun would have felt her heart go warm from sweetness, but now, amid the sweetness, there were traces of melancholy and disappointment. He is doing all of this because he feels he owes me for the incident that happened five years ago, or perhaps it's because of the pitiable state I'm in recently, or maybe it's a sad mixture of both.

Regardless, her dignity and moral integrity told her that she shouldn't have continued to accept his kindness. The thought that a woman would be willing to accept the kindness from her rapist was laughable. That day, when she had asked if he was the person she was looking for, his reply had been like a palpable slap to her face.

She should have been angry at him for all the humiliation that he had caused her. She should have told him to his face that she didn't care for his kindness that was born out of charity. She should have acted like five years ago and cut him out of her life.

However, she didn't. Even though she had tried to hide herself from him and limit their amount of conversation, she didn't totally sever their relationship. Even today, when he dragged her to his company and told her to stay in his office, she didn't stand up and leave like she should have done.

From a particular moment in time that she couldn't pinpoint, she had found herself unable to be cruel to him like she had once been capable of. Even the resentment and hatred she harbored against him from five years ago had started to disperse. She couldn't find it within herself to hate him anymore.

When did she change into such a weak person? Or was she afraid of the possible consequences of their fall out? But what was it that she was afraid of, she should have nothing to lose right?

Cheng Qingchong returned to the office to remind Su Zhinian at 7 pm.

When Su Zhinian reached to grab his coat, his fingers accidentally touched Song Qingchun's jacket. With his fingers on the fabric of her coat, he was reminded of the perverted thoughts that had crowded Song Qingchun's mind that afternoon. He blushed imperceptibly before pulling his fingers away. He put his coat on, facing away from Song Qingchun, before walking out of his office.

As they took the elevator down, Su Zhinian kept his gaze forward, and he didn't glance at Song Qingchun once.

The driver was already waiting in the car when they reached the underground parking lot. When he saw Su Zhinian's group, he immediately got out of the car to open the door for them.

Cheng Qingchong took the passenger seat while Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian were seated in the back.

As if planned, the both of them leaned against to the doors, creating the biggest distance that they could between them. However, even so, in the cramped interior space, just how far could they get from each other?

Su Zhinian could pick up the faint scent of Song Qingchun's body crawling into his nostrils.

His heart and certain other body part, which he had finally managed to calm down earlier, started to get aroused once more.