Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Too Weak To Get Angry 7
Chapter 335: Too Weak to Get Angry (7)
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The main reason for his reluctance to have close contact with the opposite sex could be traced back to the incident with the middle-aged woman in the sanitarium. That memory haunted his dreams, especially in his teenage years.

Even though the middle-aged woman hadn't done much to himafter all, he had taken control over the woman's body and slammed her head into the wallthe incident had still cast a dark shadow over his growing psyche. This was due to the perverted thoughts that he could read from her mind due to their physical contact.

His youthful soul had been scarred. From that, he had gained the habit of taking several showers a day, and even today, he was famous for his obsession with cleanliness. He felt like he was dirty and needed to clean himself often.

Even though he couldn't stand being near women, for the sake of his work, he had to suppress his feeling of disgust and forced himself to socialize with them throughout the years.

Even though the act of socializing was negligible in other people's eyes, they threatened his limits. This was because, no matter how beautiful, gracious, and gentle they appeared on the surface, Su Zhinian would be assaulted by a feeling of disgust and aversion the moment he shook their hands. The urge to pull his hand away would emerge immediately. No one realized that, when no one was looking, he would have to spend a lot of time to sterilize his hands with alcohol sanitizer before the feeling of disgust would disappear.

When he shook their hands, he would be able to read their inner thoughts. There was often surprise, infatuation, and, of course, carnal desire.

There was even one time when a woman was thinking about bedding him while she greeted him with a kind smile, and he lost his cool. Ignoring the social decorum, he slapped her hand away and turned to leave. He was close to vomiting on the spot.

However, today, when he read those thoughts, which were more salacious and explicit than the woman's, in Song Qingchun's mind, he didn't feel any disgust. On the contrary, he had even become excited by it.

Of course, he was still a bit angry that she would imagine him in bed with some other woman.

He knew perfectly she was not trying to seduce him, but the fact that it was completely accidental and organic only served to heighten his arousal.

However, he didn't expect she would notice his bodily reaction.

When he read that thought in her mind, his first reaction had been shock, followed by absolute panic, panic from sheer embarrassment.

He knew she didn't know he could read her thoughts, but he still found himself at a loss. His fight or flight mechanism had kicked in, and he had chosen the latter.

He hadn't dared look at her throughout the afternoon. However, during the meeting, he had still found his thoughts wandering all over the place and had been unable to focus on one thing.

He believed that if he did end up making eye contact with her, he would have to lock himself up in the bathroom and stand under a cold shower for the whole afternoon.