Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Too Weak To Get Angry 8
Chapter 336: Too Weak to Get Angry (8)
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Su Zhinian shook his head slightly, trying to remove such unsavory thoughts from his mind. He leaned against the cushions on the sofa with his eyes closed. Then, he started counting numbers, attempting to use that clear his mind. However, for some reason, his train of thought went from Arabic numbers to Her legs open wide in invitation.

Her legs open wide in invitation

The phrase was like a cursed mantra, repeating itself in his mind throughout the afternoon. There was one instance when he even signed "Her legs open wide in invitation" instead of "Su Zhinian".

Su Zhinian felt like he had been infected by Song Qingchun because those perverted thoughts started to crowd his mind as well, but instead of an unknown woman, the female lead in his imagination was all Song Qingchun.

The familiar sense of heat spread through his body, causing his sense of smell to heighten. Song Qingchun's sense clung to his nostrils. The man loosened his tie, but the sense of sultry heat travelling through his body didn't decrease. The images in his mind turned ever saucier, and the final thought that broke his composure was him thinking about Song Qingchun's legs opening wide in invitation.

Su Zhinian sucked in a deep breath and slammed the button on the car door before he lost control of himself.

The window rolled down with a mechanical whirr. The deep winter breeze sucked the warmth out of the car and gradually balanced out the rising temperature within Su Zhinian.

Beijing at 7 pm was a city of traffic jams. The journey from Su Zhinian's company to Eldorado that would normally take twenty minutes ended up taking one hour.

Everyone was already there when Su Zhinian's group arrived, so the waiters started to serve once Su Zhinian took his seat.

The people at the table probably had quite a bit of interaction with Su Zhinian because they were not surprised to see Cheng Qingchong with him; they even greeted her kindly. However, when their focus fell on Song Qingchun, traces of surprise did register in their eyes.

Su Zhinian didn't show any intention of making introduction, so when one of the guests stood up to make a toast, he couldn't help but ask, "And this is..?"

"Miss Song." Su Zhinian only mentioned the surname to tell the room that enquiry into the identity of the woman was not going to go beyond that. He clinked his glass with the man, and after finishing the glass of wine, he added, "A friend, not from the company."

His tone was light and airy, but Cheng Qingchong, who sat beside Song Qingchun, understood the hidden meaning.

In the business circle, beautiful women were a common commodity. They would be brought to dinner meetings not because they were professionally capable but because they were social butterflies, experts at worming their way into the men's heart. After all, most men loved to be in the company of beauties.

Of course, this kind of beautiful vase would become the target of much flirting and salacious jokes over food and drink.

The way Su Zhinian introduced Song Qingchun was a way of telling these people that Miss Song was not someone they could treat in that manner. His simple words belied his deep desire to guard and protect her.

There is perhaps only Miss Song who could make Big Boss do such a thing in this world.

After dinner, the host, CEO Zhang, booked two private rooms. The few CEOs gathered in one room to play games while the rest congregated in the other to sing karaoke.