Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Too Weak To Get Angry 10
Chapter 338: Too Weak to Get Angry (10)
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"You're Brother Yinan's girlfriend, so how can you push your lips on another man's face in broad daylight and even plan to leave with him tonight? I question if you really love Brother Yinan. Either way, Tang Nuan, just how much of a slut are you to be capable of doing such despicable things, aren't you afraid of karma? You"

"Song Qingchun." Perhaps Song Qingchun's anger-filled words were so nasty to the ears that even Tang Nuan couldn't stand hearing them anymore, so she cut her off coldly. "Mind your own business. It is my business who I sleep with, what is it to you?"

"How you want to sully yourself is indeed none of my business, but I will not stand quietly and watch you betray Brother Yinan." Song Qingchun glared angrily at Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan scoffed audibly. "Why is that? You're heartbroken watching me go around sleeping with other men while I still carry the title of Qin Yinan's girlfriend? Song Qingchun, you're funny, didn't you tell me you don't love Qin Yinan anymore? Since you no longer care about him, why are you reacting this way? Or have you been lying to me all along and you still love Qin Yinan?"

"If you're doing this simply because you hate me, then I can tell you now, it is really unnecessary because it won't work"

"Is that so? Based on what I'm seeing now, I feel like my plan is working just fine" Tang Nuan lowered her head to look at her manicured fingers and said in an exceptionally lazy tone, "Also, aren't you tired of always questioning my love for Qin Yinan. Didn't I give you a perfectly clear answer five years ago? Do you want me to repeat it once more for you?"

Then, she repeated the same sentence that she had told Song Qingchun five years ago, word by word. "Song Qingchun, tell me, how does it feel to have your stuff taken away again?

"To tell you frankly, I do not love Qin Yinan, but I did not reject him when he confessed his love to me, do you know why?"

Resentment slowly bubbled up in Tang Nuan's eyes; her nonchalant tone slowly became harsh and pointed. "Because you like him, and that is reason enough for me to pull him along by his nose. I want you to see how I am going to play with the man you love.

"To be honest, I've never loved Qin Yinan in the past five years." Tang Nuan could feel her heart twist a bit when she said that, but when she was reminded of how Qin Yinan had been about to sacrifice himself to save Song Qingchun when she was attacked by the deliveryman, her heart turned to stone, and she hissed through clenched teeth, "Not even one tiny bit."

Qin Yinan had been having the worst days recently.

He had finally managed to mend the bridge with Tang Nuan, but now, they were back in a cold war situation. He had tried everything he could in the past week, but there was no sign that Tang Nuan was going to accept his attempt at reconciliation.