Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 34

Chapter 34: How We Used To Be 4
Chapter 34: How We Used to Be (4)
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In her ways, Song Qingchun had been pursuing her dreams. She had worked extra hard and sacrificed so much to get into the same secondary school and high school as Qin Yinan; she was even planning to enroll in the same university as Qin Yinan.

She had always shown a brief period of enthusiasm for everything she did, the only exception was Qin Yinan. She had never given up on him before. Her pursuit of Qin Yinan had always been smooth sailing; she thought that it would continue until she got married to him.

Of course, fate misdirected her sails. In her journey to win Qin Yinan's affection, Interloper Su appeared to rock her boat and muddy the waters. That Interloper Su was an accident and an episode that she desperately wanted to undo, and yes, that Interloper Su was none other than Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian was the same age as Song Cheng and Qin Yinan. He moved to Beijing due to his mother's illness and transferred into their school, in the same year group as Song Cheng and Qin Yinan.

Interloper Su not only interrupted Song Qingchun's life but also Song Cheng and Qin Yinan's lives. If handsomeness could be quantified, Song Cheng and Qin Yinan were equally handsome, but Interloper Su was in a completely different league. His arrival instantly swept away the competition. The crown for the school's most handsome student that had been going back and forth for years now fell easily on Su Zhinian's head. Not only that, even the position as top academic was his.

Su Zhinian became her school's only topic of conversation. Be it male or female, his name would never leave their mouths. At the time, Song Qingchun was only a sophomore and she had not even personally met Su Zhinian, but she had heard so many things about him.

Her own grade's ice queen openly confessed to him on the field and proffered that with many words of adoration, but she only got two words from him: "Get lost."

The goddess for every male student at school confessed to him and even went so far as threatening to kill herself if he did not accept her love and he only replied with an even more extreme answer: "Go kill yourself then."

Regardless of Su Zhinian, there was not only frilly news but also news of his out-of-school conducts.

Since Su Zhinian shone too brightly, he attracted the attention of the ruffians in school and they kept trying to trip him. Unfortunately, they themselves were tripped because they were simply no match for him. The gang of ruffians who used to rule the school had to run in the other direction whenever he approached.

When these rumors entered Song Qingchun's ears, she only came to the conclusion that Su Zhinian was a mean, arrogant, and cruel madman.

Alas, although these qualities were his biggest flaws in Song Qingchun's eyes, they were the source of more idolization for other female students. Su Zhinian is so cool. Su Zhinian is so handsome. Su Zhinian is so bad. Su Zhinian is like a bad boy you could never get in movies

Song Qingchun lamented the sorry state of these women's brains and pushed Su Zhinian out of her mind. Her only focus was Qin Yinan.

Song Qingchun thought her path would not cross with Su Zhinian and did not want her life to cross paths with Su Zhinian, but life never went the way she wanted. One day when she returned home, she opened the front door to see this person of interest in her living room. Not only that, she also was informed that, from then on, Su Zhinian was going to stay in her house!

Song Qingchun was suddenly pulled out of her nostalgia by a shrill phone call. She looked clumsily around for her phone and answered it without even taking note of the caller ID. The icy voice that she had unfortunately gotten so familiar with came from the other end of the phone, "Today is the first so make sure you are where you are obligated to be before seven pm!"