Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Stay Like This Forever 2
Chapter 340: Stay Like This Forever (2)
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"Song Qingchun, tell me, how does it feel to have your stuff taken away again?"

Before Qin Yinan could understand the earlier question, another puzzle appeared. Steal? What has Tang Nuan stolen from Song Song?

Qin Yinan felt like he was watching the climax of a television drama; the explosive revelations came one after another, and he could barely keep up.

"To tell you frankly, I do not love Qin Yinan, but I did not reject him when he confessed his love to me, do you know why?"

As Tang Nuan uttered that question, the past memories flashed across Qin Yinan's mind. Throughout the years, he had confessed many times to her, but every time, she would lower her head, flash a nervous smile, and tell him that she still needed time before she could give him an answer.

Since she had said that, there was no reason for him not to believe her. He had never suspected that her words had a hidden meaning to it.

Qin Yinan didn't know what he was worried about, but his palms had curled into fists, and the paper napkin he held in his hand earlier was crushed into a ball.

"Because you like him, and that is reason enough for me to pull him along by his nose. I want you to see how I am going to play with the man you love."

The sentence was like a sharp knife carving a wide gash through Qin Yinan's chest before it plunged into his heart. His petrified body shook slightly.

This is obviously Tang Nuan talking, but how come it sounds so unfamiliar?

He felt like he was hearing her for the first time. In his memory, no matter how angry she was, the words that left her mouth were always gentle and soft, unlike the resentful and cruel tone that he heard now.

"To be honest, I've never loved Qin Yinan in the past five years"

Qin Yinan felt like someone had cruelly twisted the knife that was stuck deep into his heart; he could hear the muscle tearing.

His heart was dripping in pain. The girl that he had pursued for five long years, his official current girlfriend, was admitting openly and easily that she had never loved him. It was not that she had not caused him sadness in the years he had pursued her, but Qin Yinan realized that was nothing compared to what he was feeling then.

However, the worst was yet to come.

"Not even one tiny bit."

Not even one tiny bit, that was how much she loved him. The small trace of hope that stubbornly clung to his heart was completely extinguished.

"However, even if I don't love him, I will not let him go because I like to see you suffer. I want you to understand that it is because of you that I am treating him this way! So, Song Qingchun, don't blame me for my cruelty, it is thanks to you that all this is happening to him!"

Qin Yinan thought he had gone crazy because he swore he could hear the smile in his girlfriend's voice when she said those words. As if to hit the final nail into his coffin, Tang Nuan started to laugh.

How happy he had felt when she finally agreed to be his girlfriend was how ludicrous he felt at that moment.

He had thought it was his five years of perseverance that had finally touched her, but in the end, that was not the truth. She was merely using him as a weapon, a weapon to hurt the girl who he grew up with, his best friend's sister, the person he had promised he would be extra kind to because he wouldn't want her to feel left out since Song Cheng was no longer with them but in the end?

The more Qin Yinan thought about it, the more absurd he realized the situation was. There was nothing else he could do but laugh. His mouth was open wide, exposing his sparkling white teeth, but his eyes were slowly getting red.