Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Stay Like This Forever 3
Chapter 341: Stay Like This Forever (3)
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Qin Yinan had never considered himself a weak person, but he found himself lacking the courage to continue listening.

His heart ached with every breath, so much so that he had trouble standing upright. He faltered for several steps back until he found support by collapsing on the sink counter. He knocked into the sharp end of the counter as he went down, but the physical pain on his body was incomparable to the pain in his heart. However, that sharp shot of pain did squeeze a fresh tear out of his eyes.

"So, Song Qingchun, don't blame me for my cruelty, it is thanks to you that all this is happening to him!

"Also, I don't have the energy to waste my time arguing about this with you. If you have it in you, feel free to go search for Qin Yinan and tell him I've cheated on him" Tang Nuan paused to flash Song Qingchun a bright smile. "but I doubt it'll be of any use. In fact, that idiot, Qin Yinan, will probably even apologize to me for not treating me better. I'll probably get him to believe that I'm innocent and you're just lying to trick him."

Listening to how Tang Nuan used the word 'idiot' to describe Qin Yinan made the anger within her burn even brighter. Her whole body was shaking with fury.

She stared at Tang Nuan's condescending face, and she really wanted to release her pent-up anger; however, she found herself at a loss for words. She swallowed hard and raised her hand toward Tang Nuan's face without thinking about it.

However, her hand stopped in mid-air because her sudden movement caused a sharp pain to emanate from her stomach, giving Tang Nuan the opportunity to grab Song Qingchun's wrist and hold her hand there.

Song Qingchun tried to pull her hand away, but she was feeling weak, drained by the immense pain coming from her lower abdomen.

Song Qingchun's action reminded Tang Nuan of the incident in the company's bathroom. She had tried to slap Song Qingchun, but for some reason, the slap had landed on her own face.

After that, Song Qingchun had even slapped her one more time while the whole office was watching.

The fact that both Qin Yinan and Su Zhinian treated her as the treasure in their palm was enough to make Tang Nuan blow her top off. The girl's audacity to come after her chilled Tang Nuan's face, the grievances and resentment she had suffered due to Song Qingchun from past and present boiling in her eyes.

Tang Nuan's gaze flashed viciously, and her hand that was not holding Song Qingchun's wrist went flying at Song Qingchun's face without hesitation.

The extreme pain from her stomach had rendered Song Qingchun defenseless. She could only look on helplessly as Tang Nuan's palm gathered force and arced through the air. Just as the slap was going to land on her face, Song Qingchun closed her eyes to brace for impact.

However, the pain that she expected didn't come; what did come was a surprised gasp.

The gasp did not originate from Song Qingchun. She opened her eyes slowly to see Tang Nuan's hand, which was inches away from her face, held in place tightly by another arm.