Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Stay Like This Forever 5
Chapter 343: Stay Like This Forever (5)
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Su Zhinian understood what she planned to say before Song Qingchun could finish.

He was reminded of the painful moans he had heard in his study coming from her room the day before. His heart was gripped by guilt. He knew she suffered from painful periods, so he shouldn't have allowed her to come to Eldorado. He should have taken her home after work.

"Then shall we go home?" he asked gently.

Song Qingchun was too drained to even speak. Her biggest wish was to lie in bed and sleep. So, when she heard Su Zhinian's offer, her first instinct was to nod.

However, she was reminded of the apology given by Cheng Qingchong while the two of them had been on their way to the bathroom. "Miss Song, I'm sorry for using you in CEO Su's office earlier today. I shouldn't have said you want to come to Eldorado without asking you first but tonight's meeting is just too important for CEO Su to miss."

Song Qingchun immediately swallowed the "okay" that was on the tip of her tongue and shook her head. "It's okay, I'll be fine with a glass of warm water"

Su Zhinian, who read her thoughts, swept her into his arms without waiting for Song Qingchun to finish and walked toward the entrance. When he passed a waiter, he stopped to leave behind some orders.

The waiters at Eldorado had all been professionally trained. When Su Zhinian reached the front door, the driver was already there waiting with their coats and jackets.

Is he going to leave?

Even though Song Qingchun had no idea whether she was correct or not, when Su Zhinian placed her on the floor, she still said, "The driver can send me back home just fine, you stay."

Su Zhinian did not answer her as he reached for her jacket and helped her put it on. When he grabbed his own coat, he ordered the driver, "Call for a replacement car and drive Secretary Cheng home when she's done."

"Yes, CEO Su."

Su Zhinian didn't say anything beyond that and pulled Song Qingchun along toward the car door.

The driver cleverly moved past them and helped get the passenger door open.

Song Qingchun was still feeling rather anxious when Su Zhinian started the engine. She stared at him through the rear-view mirror and asked softly, "Is it okay for you to leave just like that?"

"It's fine," Su Zhinian answered as he stepped on the gas pedal.

Song Qingchun watched as Eldorado got smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror, and her heart started to worry. She pursed her lips and asked again, "Is it really fine?'

"Don't worry, if it's not fine, Secretary Cheng can handle it," Su Zhinian answered in an assertive tone.

"Okay," Song Qingchun replied softly.

Su Zhinian turned around to glance at her. As if trying to make her feel better, he added, "I don't pay her that much just so she can act like a vase."

At this point, Su Zhinian was reminded of the thought he had read from Song Qingchun's mind earlier, and he realized it was not Song Qingchun who had wanted to come to Eldorado. Su Zhinian scoffed soundlessly before adding, "She is very capable!"

That was obviously a compliment, but for some reason, Song Qingchun felt there was another meaning behind Su Zhinian's words.