Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Stay Like This Forever 6
Chapter 344: Stay Like This Forever (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Qin Yinan had a hard time recalling what happened next, but when he came to, there was a continuous sound of crying coming from the corridor.

It was a sound he was very familiar with; it was the sound of Tang Nuan crying.

Why is she crying? What happened when I wasn't paying attention? Did she and Song Song really get into a physical altercation?

Qin Yinan immediately ran toward the corridor, and when he turned the corner, it was the second time he was struck by lightning that night.

Not far away from where he was standing, Tang Nuan was nestled in a man's embrace, crying her heart out. He recognized the man; it was the middle-aged man who had been eyeing him in the bathroom.

The couple didn't notice him, and he didn't make any sound to attract their attention. He merely stood there and looked at them quietly.

Whenever he heard Tang Nuan cry, he would pull her into his arms to console her like she was the most fragile thing in the world, but now, the sound of her crying was like two nails plunging themselves deeper and deeper into his skull. He felt like fainting from the sheer mental pain.

Tang Nuan eventually stopped cryingshe probably felt tired. It was then that the middle-aged man reached out to massage her back. "Alright, stop crying already."

Then, the man pulled her face off of his chest and lowered his head to kiss the tears on her face away. She didn't reject or push him away, allowing the man to slobber his wet kisses all over her.

Qin Yinan's knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists tightly, and his usually mellow gaze turned bitterly cold. He really couldn't have imagined that the woman had merely been using him as a tool for the past five years, and now, she was openly cheating on him before his eyes.

Perhaps the middle-aged man had gotten tired from sitting around, but he pulled her waist in and pinched on it.

"It's time to go home. Stop crying, what will other people think if they see you like that? Your head still hurts? Don't worry, I'll make you forget all about it later tonight."

The words of the middle-aged man were lewd and indecent, but Tang Nuan didn't get angry or indignant. Instead, she leaned into his chest with a coquettish smile and slapped his arm jokingly, grumbling, "You dirty thing, you."

Qin Yinan felt his heart squeeze with pain, and he could see dark blots before his eyes.

The woman that he had loved fully and deeply through the years had not only spat on his sincerity but also trampled on his dignity.

At that moment, he was really curious deep within her heart, just how important was he to her? No importance was probably too great of a word for what he was in her mind.

He was reminded of the way she would smile whenever they were together; he had assumed that those were smiles of happiness, but now, he realized they had all been smiles of condescension. Perhaps she was smiling at how big an idiot he was.

Qin Yinan suddenly started laughing. Even though Tang Nuan and the middle-aged man had disappeared, he stared fixedly at where they had been sitting and continued to laugh.

Cheng Qingchong spent quite a bit of time in the toilets. She had probably eaten something wrong that day.

When she exited the stall, her stomach was still rumbling. She thought about staying longer in the bathroom but tossed that idea out of her mind when she realized Miss Song was still waiting for her outside. As she pulled open the bathroom door, before she even stepped out of it, she could hear the sound of someone laughing.

The laughs were harsh on the ears; they sounded even more sorrowful than crying.