Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Stay Like This Forever 8
Chapter 346: Stay Like This Forever (8)
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Holding the glass of half-finished ginger tea in her hands, Song Qingchun tried to look for a topic to break the silence in the room. "Thank you for your help at Eldorado; if not for you, I would have been slapped by that little slut, Tang Nuan."

Su Zhinian raised his eyes to look at her, but he didn't say anything in return.

Song Qingchun had gotten used to Su Zhinian's method of communication and understood the glance he had given her was his way of acknowledging he was listening, so she continued speaking naturally. "That Tang Nuan has truly impressed me with her level of depravity this time. She is already Brother Yinan's girlfriend, and there she was, kissing and cuddling with another man, and let me tell you, that man is so much uglier than Brother Yinan. It's one thing if he's younger than Brother Yinan, but you know"

Actually, this was Su Zhinian's favorite mode of engagement with Song Qingchun, her telling him about her day while he listened quietly. The one thing that ruined it was the fact she was talking about Qin Yinan.

If this was before, he would have excused himself by giving the excuse that he needed to work or something similar. However, ever since that day when she asked him if he was the person she was looking for, the distance between them had noticeably grown. Therefore, even though he really didn't want to stay and listen, he still nodded at her, giving her signs that he was still listening.

Song Qingchun continued with renewed vigor upon noticing his reaction. "That Tang Nuan has snatched herself a middle-aged sugar daddy! And I'm not even exaggerating, if that man was a few years older, he could be her father! Isn't she insane"

Through the hand on her stomach, Su Zhinian could read the anger in the girl's heart; she was feeling indignant on Qin Yinan's behalf.

The anger made him purse his lips, and his gaze that fell on her gradually moved to look out the window.

This was a common occurrence for Su Zhinian; his heart was his, but it would always hurt because of her.

Just like tonight, when he heard her argument with Tang Nuan in the middle of his game, she had been defending the man that he hated, but the first thought that had come to his mind was to worry about her, and so he ran to help her immediately.

Song Qingchun took a big gulp of the ginger tea and wanted to continue when she noticed Su Zhinian was no longer paying attention and looking out the window.

There was a lack of emotion on his face like he was spacing out. A faint glow fell on the man's face, creating a mist of sorts, giving him an air of mystery and attraction.

Song Qingchun blinked into consciousness, and her heart shook violently.

This was not the first time that day she had lost her attention staring at him. She was reminded of the fact she had just been sharing her grievances with him earlier. Their relationship shouldn't have been so close after the cruel things he had told her that day.

Even though she didn't have the courage to draw herself completely away from him, her dignified self shouldn't have allowed her to act like nothing had happened between them.

Furthermore, when he sent her home from Eldorado and continued to care for her she knew he was merely repaying his debt toward her, and she knew she shouldn't have accepted that, but she couldn't help herself from feeling a little burst of joy when he did all those things.

Song Qingchun's train of thought stopped completely then.

After a long time, a truth that she had to admit finally surfaced in her heart.