Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Stay Like This Forever 9
Chapter 347: Stay Like This Forever (9)
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He had told her outright that the only reason he was treating her so nicely was because he felt he owed her for that night.

However, even so, she found herself yearning for his acts of kindness; in fact, if possible, she wanted him to be good to her forever.


Su Zhinian, who was looking out the window expressionlessly, shook violently when he read the word in Song Qingchun's mind.

His sudden reaction woke Song Qingchun up, and before she could understand what was happening, he pulled his hand away from her stomach.

Song Qingchun frowned, noticing the lack of weight on her stomach, and she asked with confusion, "What's wrong?"

He stood up urgently and dashed out of the room without a look at her as if he hadn't even heard her question.

"Su Zhinian, wait" Song Qingchun sat up in her bed in a hurry, but before she could get the rest of the sentence out, the door to her bedroom was slammed shut, causing the rest of her words to stop in her throat.

Su Zhinian's face was blanched as he leaned against her room door. His fist gripped the door knob tightly, and his whole body was frozen solid.

It was like he was battling an inner struggle. Eventually, he loosened his grip on her door knob and walked toward his study.

He sat before his desk and lost himself, looking at the wall across from his table. Finally, he pulled open one of the desk drawers and picked up his diary.

He flipped through the diary quietly until he reached the latest empty page. He sighed as he grabbed his pen to begin the entry. "2016 February 29. 10:50 pm. Cloudy with mist."

The tip of his pen stopped on the paper for a moment before continuing easily.

"There are only ten days left until March 10, the day she has to leave me.

"Today, I brought her to the office, and she discovered the hoard of presents I was unable to give throughout the years. She was so close to knowing from my secretary that those presents were all meant for her.

"I was too busy to accompany her for lunch today, and when I returned, she was asleep in my office's swing chair. I lost myself looking at her sleep. I wonder if she realizes the scenery with the swing was something she imagined.

"Today, she also thought about me in many ridiculously perverted situations. She even used one sentence to describe me, 'a face that would make any woman's face light up with a smile and her legs open wide in invitation.' It has caused me plenty of trouble focusing throughout the afternoon.

"At Eldorado, when CEO Lu enquired about her identity, I only mentioned her surname. If possible, I didn't even want her to be there; the men in the field of business are the most heartless creatures I've ever known. If possible, I wish for her to stay in a pure and untainted world forever."

Su Zhinian stopped when he reached this part. His grip on his pen tightened, and he bit on his lips several times as he stared at the page before continuing.

"Multiple times, I've prayed for her to change her impression of me; she doesn't need to even like me, as long as she doesn't hate me as much.

"But tonight, I read the word 'forever' in her heart.

"Even though she wants me to be good to her forever, I cannot; the secret from five years ago has made it so that I can only be a guest in her life. Her wish is something, I, Su Zhinian can never fulfil."