Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Stay Like This Forever 10
Chapter 348: Stay Like This Forever (10)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"The word was like a resounding slap hitting me on my face, waking me up instantly, causing me to escape in a hurry. There can never be a forever between me and her.

"There is only ending in this story of ours"

Su Zhinian's fingers that were holding the pen started to shake, even his handwriting started to become more of a scrawl.

"I can be nothing more than a guest in her story; I cannot stay for life."

After Su Zhinian finished the entry with a full stop, he slammed the diary shut immediately.

The study was quiet. He leaned against his chair staring at the chandelier hanging on the ceiling, listening to the sound of his heart breaking.

What she wished for was not to be with him forever nor for him to love her forever, but a mere request of him treating her nicely forever. However, it was a wish that he simply couldn't permit.

If he could, why would he have used a stranger's number to accompany her all these years?

If he could, why would he have used his superpower to secretly wipe her tears all these years?

If he could, why would he have denied her suspicion so cruelly when she asked if he was the person she was looking for?

It was because he couldn't be her knight in shining armor, only be her guardian angel one she could never find out about.

Su Zhinian felt his eyes prickle with pain, and his throat started to get congested. He felt like something was tearing his chest open, causing his blood to run like water.

How desperately he wished he could pamper her forever but he couldn't allow her to walk the same path of sin he had been treading.

Thankfully, he had a super power that had allowed him to make this early discovery. There was still chance for him to turn this around; she still hadn't fallen for him so deep yet.

As of the following day, he could not allow himself to lose control and be nice to her anymore no, it had to start from that moment onward.

It was unfortunate because they only had ten days left between them, and he had lost the only thing that gave him the will to live.

Su Zhinian's dark eyes were filled with bitter sadness. He raised his hands to cover his face and leaned back even further in his chair.

The chandelier in the room shone down on him as if mocking him by putting his misery on full display.

Su Zhinian's sudden departure confused Song Qingchun. Her mood, which had been getting better, dampened again.

She had trouble sleeping that night. She tossed and turned in bed, only managing to fall asleep at 5 am.

She only got a few hours of sleep before she was woken up by her phone. Song Qingchun's head was in a fit of pain from the lack of sleep, and there was a lack of spirit in her voice that answered the phone.

However, that quickly changed when she realized the phone call was from the police station. "You mean, I am no longer in any danger from now on?'

"That's right, Miss Song, the incidents that have been happening to you since the start of the year were all done by Sun Jian. He is Xia Ji's loyal fan, and since you reported that article on Xia Ji's drug habit, he has harbored resentment against you. He followed you for two months before taking any action."