Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 349

Chapter 349: A Bad Feeling 1
Chapter 349: A Bad Feeling (1)
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The police officer described the situation to Song Qingchun and even congratulated her. "Congratulations, Miss Song, from today on, you don't need to live in fear anymore."

The officer seemed quite happy about closing the case.

Song Qingchun was overjoyed having received the news. She replied with a "thank you" before hanging up.

She glanced at the clock and realized it was 7 am. Even though she had only had two hours of sleep, the excitement from the call had completely eliminated any semblance of drowsiness from her mind. She went into the bathroom to clean herself before hopping downstairs to prepare breakfast.

She called Su Zhinian for breakfast, and during the meal, she relayed the information the police officer had told her to him.

Su Zhinian did not join in her conversation. He sat across from her with an expressionless face, eating the breakfast silently and gracefully.

"Before, when I saw the scenarios with crazy fans on those television dramas, I thought it was just an exaggeration, but obviously, I was wrong. Regardless, the incident has finally drawn to a close, and I am released from the daily torment.

"I swear I would have shut down if I'd been forced to coop myself indoors any longer. I've decided to return to work tomorrow, and later, I'm going to go shopping to celebrate."

Song Qingchun then pulled out her phone to look for the things that she wanted to buy.

"The latest POLA looks quite interesting. Oh, I have to get that eye-cream too, also the latest Dior bag"

Su Zhinian, who had been eating with his head lowered, slowly raised his eyes to look at the girl opposite him.

Her fingers, which were tapping the phone screen, were fair and youthful, her eyes were smiling with anticipation and joy, and the sound from her lips was like the song of a thousand birds, mellifluous and beautiful.

Su Zhinian studied the picture before him for a while before sighing internally and lowering his gaze. He finished the porridge in his bowl in record time and uttered the first word he had directed at her that morning. "There's a meeting at 9 am, so I'm leaving."

Song Qingchun, who had been chattering happily, was startled by the information Su Zhinian suddenly dropped. When she came to and wanted to reply, Su Zhinian had already left the dining room.

Song Qingchun picked up her spoon to stir the porridge in her bowl. Her ears followed the sound of Su Zhinian climbing upstairs, downstairs, opening and closing the front door, and finally the sound of the car engine starting.

It was not until she couldn't hear the engine sound any more that Song Qingchun's gaze slowly returned to the bowl left behind on the table opposite her, and her brows creased into a frown.

Is it me or has that Su Zhinian been acting very weird this morning? So be it, it's not like I can understand the man's thoughts anyway; he is, after all, a weirdo.

Song Qingchun couldn't pinpoint what was strange about Su Zhinian, so she shrugged it off and lowered her head to finish her breakfast.

However, her joyful mood from earlier had dispersed. In fact, her mood also continued to decrease as she cleared away the table and returned to her room.

She chalked it up to the effect of her period and didn't dwell on it. She applied some basic make-up before grabbing her bag and leaving the house.

Perhaps it was because she had not gone shopping for a long time, but Song Qingchun's condition was exceptionally good that day. It was already way past 5 pm when she finally returned home.