Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 352

Chapter 352: A Bad Feeling 4
Chapter 352: A Bad Feeling (4)
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Her already bad mood worsened. She stopped pacing about the room and curled up on the sofa, staring directly at her phone.

Time trickled by. There was still nothing from Su Zhinian at 10 pm. The whole bungalow was quiet; there was no sound of a car pulling up to the house.

Perhaps Song Qingchun's period amplified her emotions because her eyes started to get red when she was staring at Su Zhinian's profile picture on WhatsApp.

She took a deep breath, placed her phone down, and looked out the window. Staring at the darkness outside, a tear fell out of the corner of her eyes.

It was not until 11 pm that a car rolled up to the house. There was the sound of a car engine, and the headlights piercing through the windows.

Song Qingchun jumped up off the sofa immediately, put her slippers on, and rushed toward the front door. As she pushed the door open, Su Zhinian was coming out of his car.

She was only wearing a simple shirt, and the chilliness outside made her voice shake. "Su Zhinian, welcome home."

Su Zhinian didn't answer as he closed the car door and headed toward the front door. Song Qingchun closed the door behind him and asked Su Zhinian, who was changing his shoes, "Are you hungry? Do you wish to eat something? I can help you"

Before Song Qingchun could continue to say 'heat dinner up', Su Zhinian cut her off coldly. "No need."

"How about coffee?"

Su Zhinian tossed his keys on the table, and without even turning to look at her, he replied, "No need."

After a pause, he continued in a similarly cold and toneless manner. "A bit tired, going to bed."

Then, he headed upstairs without a backward glance.

It was when Song Qingchun heard the door to his bedroom slam shut that she slowly removed her gaze away from the staircase that Su Zhinian had disappeared up on.

The joy she experienced from his return dispersed like the wind. She stood for a long time by the front door before walking into the dining room. The girl, who had not had her dinner, stared at the tableful of dishes with zero appetite.

She wrapped them up in plastic wrap and placed them in the fridge before heading upstairs.

Even though she only had two hours of sleep the night before, Song Qingchun stared at the ceiling for a very long, spacing out before she eventually fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Su Zhinian had already left home. Song Qingchun stood at the door to his empty bedroom for a very long time before returning to her own room to change and head toward TW Station.

The anxiousness from yesterday returned with a vengeance, causing Su Zhinian's eyelids to jump uncontrollably.

The bad feeling was even more pronounced, causing his anxiousness to turn into irritation. He had scolded practically everyone at the company before it was even noon. In the end, he was left fuming in his room for the whole day because no one dared visit him.

Su Zhinian slammed the proposal on the table, leaned back in his chair, and closed his eyes trying to relax.

Perhaps because he hadn't had a good night sleep for two consecutive nights, he fell asleep at work.

He had a wonderful dream where he was holding hands with Song Qingchun, sitting on top of a sunny grass field.

There was no conversation between them, but they would turn to each other at the same time and share a meaningful smile; it was enough to warm his heart fully.