Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 353

Chapter 353: A Bad Feeling 5
Chapter 353: A Bad Feeling (5)
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His face was warmed by the sun, and his hand that held her palm was coated with a layer of sweat. However, he didn't let go and crossed his fingers through hers instead.

The picture was so perfect that if he died then and there, he would have died a happy man. However, suddenly, Song Qingchun, who was lying beside him, started to groan in pain.

He turned toward the sound and realized with a shock that the white dress she was wearing was half-soaked in blood.

He stood up in a hurry to examine the wounds on her body, but he couldn't find any. He tried to carry her to the hospital, but the girl seemed to weigh several thousand tons; he couldn't move her no matter how hard he tried.

Blood continued to flow from her body.

Her brows were furrowed, and the eyes that looked at him were filled with pain. Su Zhinian could see the color slowly draining from her face.

He called her name with desperation, but her eyelids continued to droop. When they closed fully, her hands slipped from his palm. He could feel the warmth escaping her body. In the end, he felt like he was holding a block of ice in his embrace.

Su Zhinian woke from his nightmare with a shock. His face was pale, and his breathing was erratic as his chest rose up and down. Even his usual calm eyes were frosted over with a layer of fear and anxiety.

He took several deep breaths before calming down to observe his surroundings.

The sunlight filtered in through the windows and fell generously on his body. His hands, gripping the armrest of his office chair, were slick with sweat.

He was still in his office; everything that had just happened was a dream.

Su Zhinian sighed greatly in relief. He raised his hand to glance at his watch. It was 1.30 pm; he had been asleep for only twenty minutes.

He sat in his chair for some time before trying to get up, and when he did, he realized his legs had become putty.

He steadied himself slowly as he stood up and walked toward the window. Staring out at the numerous skyscrapers, he realized then that his clothes were stuck to his body. His clothes were completely soaked from the cold sweat that had broken out during his dream.

He would dream about her often, but this was the first time he had dreamt about her being in any form of danger and the dream felt so awfully real.

Is this a sign that Song Qingchun is in danger?

Su Zhinian frowned and gave Song Qingchun a call without a second thought after he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

The phone rang for a long time, and there was no answer. The ominous feeling started to collect in his heart. He grabbed his coat and headed toward the door of his office. When he was about to open the door, the phone was picked up, and a heavy yawn drifted from the other end of the line. Then, Song Qingchun's blurry voice came through. "Hello?"

She just woke up? Su Zhinian stopped moving, and before he could say anything, Song Qingchun said through another yawn, "What's up?"

Looks like she is perfectly fine. Su Zhinian's heart that had reached his throat finally relaxed. After a while, he grumbled darkly, "Prepare oatmeal porridge tonight."

Then he hung up on her.