Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 354

Chapter 354: A Bad Feeling 6
Chapter 354: A Bad Feeling (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Song Qingchun listened to the dial tone from her phone, pulled it right up to her face, and double-checked it before confirming it was indeed a call from Su Zhinian.

"Did he call just to hang up on me? Rude," Song Qingchun grumbled with a pout before tossing her phone away. She stretched lazily and shook her head twice to toss the residual drowsiness out of her mind, which hadn't had a good night sleep for two days.

Even though all he had said was "prepare oatmeal porridge tonight," Song Qingchun's dampened mood greatly improved. She even started to hum as she opened her computer to deal with the work that had piled up during her absence.

In the middle of her work, Song Qingchun stood up and went to the breakroom for a cup of coffee. She returned with the coffee in her hands and a bright smile on her smile. As she sipped her coffee, she picked up her phone and stared smilingly at her phone record, which had Su Zhinian's name at the top.

I really need to calm myself down; it was just a dream. Also, didn't the police officer call to say the deliveryman admitted to everything?

Su Zhinian gripped the phone in his hand and fell into deep thought. Then, he tossed his coat aside and returned to his desk. After keying in his computer password, he continued his work. However, it only took ten minutes before his eyelids started twitching, and his heart started palpitating again. This time, it was worse than before. His heart was beating so fast that he swore it could burst out of his chest at moment.

Su Zhinian stopped working and raised his hands to massage his temples. As he did so, the scenes from his dream appeared in his mind.

He knew she was safe from the phone conservation, so where did this bad feeling come from?

Su Zhinian's brows creased into an involuntary frown, and his lips stretched to a thin line.

Have I missed something?

Su Zhinian thought about it for a long time but couldn't come up with an answer. His mood was completely ruined. Unable to focus at work, he gave himself an early leave and left for home.

That night, Su Zhinian had that same dream again.

Song Qingchun was smiling like blooming flower, and he was like a bee that couldn't pull himself away, but suddenly, the scene in his dream started to change.

This time, blood didn't flow out of Song Qingchun for no reason; she was standing in the middle of an empty road, and she didn't seem to notice a speeding car was coming at her.

He was standing by the roadside. He waved and yelled for her attention, screaming for her to jump out of the way, but she didn't seem to notice him and stood there, quietly looking at him.

As the car was about to hit her, he jumped to save her without a second thought.

Even though there was quite a distance between them, as the car almost made contact with Song Qingchun, he suddenly appeared before her and managed to push her away in the nick of time. He was knocked into the air by the car, and while he was flying through the air, he saw the girl land by the roadside with a thud before he slammed heavily into the concrete floor.