Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 355

Chapter 355: A Bad Feeling 7
Chapter 355: A Bad Feeling (7)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Before the body-shattering pain could register, Su Zhinian found himself sitting up in bed, his eyes wide open.

As he took a deep breath, he looked around the room. When he saw the familiar decoration, he knew he had just had a nightmare.

His pajamas were completely soaked by cold sweat, which was still trickling down his forehead.

He leaned against the headboard, trying to catch his breath. It was not until he felt more himself that he grabbed his phone from the table to glance at it. It was 2 am.

The nightmare completely ruined his desire to go back to sleep. He pulled off the bed cover and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. He changed into some casual clothing and returned to his bedroom.

The night was quiet, so quiet that he could pick up the sound of Song Qingchun sleeping. Su Zhinian went downstairs to pour himself a glass of warm water. After he finished it, he returned upstairs, but instead of going back to his bedroom, he pushed open the door to the room next door quietly.

There was a dim nightlight on in her room. The heater was probably set on a high temperature because half of her comforter had been kicked away. Her phone was placed beside her, the message alert blinking occasionally.

Su Zhinian rearranged the comforter, grabbed her phone, and placed it carefully on the bedside table before sitting down on her bed. His hands caressed her face lovingly, and his eyes stared closely and carefully at her sleeping face.

In the past twelve hours, he had dreamed about this girl twice, and both of them had been nightmares. The only difference was that she was harmed in the first one while he was harmed in the second one to save her.

There was an interesting thing about his dream. His usual response whenever he realized she was in any sort of danger was to control her consciousness to make a quick escape, but for some reason, in that moment, his superpowers had been unusable. No matter how hard he tried, she stood there, unmoving. He had given up and tried to control the driver, but similarly, it was to no avail. The car hadn't slowed down or swerved to evade her.

He had been troubled by a curious feeling for the past few days and now with these two nightmares, Su Zhinian couldn't help but ask, Is this some sort of hint? A hint telling me that something bad will happen to Song Qingchun? And I will be hurt because of her?

Therefore, the anxiety that has stubbornly stuck around was not because of work, Mother, or her, but it was my subconscious warning me of imminent danger?

Su Zhinian's lips stretched into a thin line, and his hand that was place on her face carefully and lightly traced the outline of her jaw.

If everything happened as he predicted, he would have no reservation in using his life to save hers.

No matter what happened to him in the end, as long as she was alive, everything would be fine.

There was endless warmth and kindness circulating at the bottom of Su Zhinian's eyes. His expression softened, and his lips lit up with a wisp of a smile.

Su Zhinian got up early and headed to work the next morning.

He was caught up at work for the whole morning, and he only managed to have his lunch at 2 pm.

He was invited to attend an Audi product release that afternoon, so without taking a breather, he rushed toward the venue at the eastern side of town right after lunch.