Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 356

Chapter 356: A Bad Feeling 8
Chapter 356: A Bad Feeling (8)
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Due to his immense workload, Su Zhinian would do work while he was travelling. Perhaps it was his lack of sleep for the past few days or perhaps it was the heavy traffic jam, the man who had never experienced carsickness started to feel nauseous after staring at the laptop for a few minutes.

He closed his laptop and tossed it aside. He closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa. He didn't think he would fall asleep, but as the car lurched and stopped indefinitely, he started to drift off to sleep. That was the third time he was visited by the nightmare.

The dream was similar to the one he'd had the day before. The car was still speeding toward her, and no matter how loud he shouted, she didn't seem to react in any way. In fact, she still smiled nonchalantly at him. His superpower had disappeared, and at the last minute, she was once again shoved away by him before the car almost hit her.

As he was knocked into the air, a soft voice called after him. "CEO Su? CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian's eyes flew open, and he saw Cheng Qingchong, who was sitting in front, looking at him with concern.

"CEO Su, are you alright?" Cheng Qingchong pulled a few paper napkins out of her purse and passed them to Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian shook his head as he accepted the napkins to wipe the sweat falling down his face.

Cheng Qingchong guessed correctly that he was bothered by nightmare but didn't have the guts to ask him about it. In the end, she passed him a bottle of water.

"Thank" Su Zhinian's voice was hoarse, so he cleared his throat audibly before continuing. "you."

Then he twisted the bottle open and took a healthy swig.

Silence reigned once more in the car. With the water bottle in his hand, Su Zhinian turned to look out the car window as if deep in thought.

Cheng Qingchong glanced at him through the rear-view mirror, and her eyes were colored with concern and care that shouldn't have been there when she noticed how pale his face was.

It was common for Su Zhinian to attend this kind of product release event. Even if he didn't say a word, his natural poise and grace was enough to get him through the event with ease. However, he was visibly distracted that day. He was caught not paying attention when a number of people came to greet him.

If not for the professional Cheng Qingchong, who helped him neutralized many situations, Su Zhinian would have landed himself in many an awkward social exchange already.

There was still twenty minutes until the event officially began. However, Su Zhinian was already tired, therefore, he brought Cheng Qingchong to go hide in a quiet corner.

As they moved there, Su Zhinian was blocked by the old CEO from SW.

They greeted each other with polite smiles and SW's CEO introduced Su Zhinian to the person beside him. However, introductions weren't necessary because they had known each other for a long time.

"CEO Su, this is my most capable employee, Manager Qin Yinan."

After his boss made the introduction, Qin Yinan raised his wine glass at Su Zhinian with a gentle smile. "CEO Su, long time no see."

Su Zhinian tipped the wine glass in his hand in return and replied politely, "Long time no see."

"You two know each other?" SW's CEO asked.

"We're from the same high school," Qin Yinan answered.

"It's a small world indeed."

The few of them stood there and chatted until SW's CEO's phone rang. He bowed his head apologetically before leaving to answer his phone.