Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 358

Chapter 358: A Bad Feeling 10
Chapter 358: A Bad Feeling (10)
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When Su Zhinian mentioned the name "Song Qingchun", he could see Qin Yinan's mellow expression froze visibly. Su Zhinian's frowned imperceptibly, and it was then that he noticed the tip of Qin Yinan's fingers that held the wine glass had become a bit white.

What happened between him and Song Qingchun?

Su Zhinian blinked and placed his hand naturally on the railing, his arm brushing up against Qin Yinan's.

Song Song Ever since he discovered she was in love with him from her argument with Tang Nuan at Eldorado, the image of the girl kept appearing in his mind even though he had tried his best not to think about her.

It was his habit to chat with her almost daily on WhatsApp, asking about her day, but these few days, when he picked up his phone and clicked into their chat box out of habit, he had found himself unable to send any messages to her.

While Tang Nuan had upended his world that night, the shock caused by Song Qingchun was not minute either. He really didn't expect the girl to be interested in him. Even now, several days after his discovery, he still felt like it was a dream.

For these past few years, he had asked her for help to pursue Tang Nuan and had revealed to her many times how much he adored Tang Nuan but if he had known she liked him, he wouldn't have done all those things.

The more he thought about the things that he had done, the more ashamed he felt.

He didn't know how to face her. He didn't mean to hurt her, but he had hurt her the most.

So, Qin Yinan was also there when Song Qingchun had that huge argument with Tang Nuan at Eldorado. Her confession, which she couldn't muster the courage to vocalize for all these years, finally found its way into his ears.

Su Zhinian felt a sour feeling bubbling in his heart.

Humans are selfish creatures, and Qin Yinan was no different. He knew she liked him, but he didn't want her to know he knew that she liked him because he was scared, scared that once she found out the truth, they wouldn't even be friends anymore.

Qin Yinan was silent for a long time before he turned to look at Su Zhinian. He broke the silence by saying, "What about Song Song?"

Su Zhinian's eyes shone and dimmed. After some time, he said, "I have had close interactions with her recently due to Song Empire. You know how Song Cheng's death has affected her, and the incidents that have been happening recently seem to have taken quite a toll on her as well."

Honestly speaking, Qin Yinan was not wrong. Su Zhinian did harbor hostility toward him, or rather, it was hostility born out of jealousy and envy as well as hatred for being the cause of her many tears.

However, the continuous nightmare had shaken Su Zhinian to his core. After Song Cheng passed away, at least he was still there to watch over her, but if something happened to him as well

Therefore, even if he didn't like Qin Yinan one bit, he knew Qin Yinan was the only person left in the world who would treat Song Qingchun nicely and sincerely.

Furthermore, Qin Yinan already knew she liked him, so it would be a happy ending. After all, Qin Yinan was able to give her promises that he, Su Zhinian, wouldn't be able to keep.

"A few times, I've noticed her hiding in a corner, crying to herself."