Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 36

Chapter 36: How We Used To Be 6
Chapter 36: How We Used to Be (6)
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After she finished her bath, upstairs had reverted to its usual silence. Out of curiosity, she snuck a look into the neighboring bedroom and saw a whole array of new furniture, even the carpet was new.

That bedroom was unused, and the furniture inside had not been moved for years, so why the sudden movement?

She padded downstairs in a haze of confusion. Before she could ask Song Menghwa what had happened, her father called her over. Song Menghwa told her from that day onwards, their family was going to have a temporary guest, and his name was Su Zhinian. His mother fell ill before the day of his grade exam, so he missed the exam, causing him to stay back a grade.

Song Menghwa also added that Su Zhinian had lost his father when he was young and grew up in his mother's care. Now that his mother was in hospital, he needed a legal guardian and that was why he was going to stay with them.

Even though she had not met Su Zhinian, she had heard many things about him. Her impression of him was definitely not good, but it still improved after hearing about his background. She even actively went upstairs to call him to join them for dinner that night.

That was the first time she officially met him. Even after so many years, the memory of that night was still fresh in her mind.

About two minutes after she knocked on his bedroom, the door opened to reveal an insanely pretty face, and his eyes that gazed at her were as glittery as the crystal chandelier in the room. Similar to the crystals, they were clear yet carried an air of frigidness.

Song Qingchun had grown up with Song Cheng and Qin Yinan, two veritable handsome men and was thus inundated with pretty faces. Yet when she first laid her eyes on Su Zhinian, she was still honestly stunned.

The young man was uncannily and eerily beautiful. She stared at him for about one full minute before extending him her hand and greeting him with a generous and open smile. "Hello, my name is Song Qingchun."

He also stared at her for a while before taking her offered hand, and thus, boy met girl.

Their first meeting was simple and innocent, but it barely lasted for a second. His hand that grabbed hers suddenly increased in strength and it inevitably hurt her hand. She sucked in a deep breath and tears almost squeezed out of her eyes. "Su Zhinian, you're hurting me!"

Then, as if realizing his misconduct, he quickly released her hand. She thought he would apologize to her like normal human would, but he only gave her a side-eye and walked past her.

At the time, she was already a known beauty. Many guys at school surrounded her daily, trying to get her attention. She came from a good family, pampered to a fault by her parents, Song Cheng, and Qin Yinan, so it was natural that she had a bit of a princess syndrome.

Furthermore, Su Zhinian was her house guest, he should be deferential toward her, but who would have thought he was more arrogant than she expected? Song Qingchun, who felt slighted after the hand grab incident, did not once look him in the eye for the few following days.

However, Song Qingchun was not one to hold on to grudges; her anger dispersed as fast as it arrived, so her enmity toward Su Zhinian only lasted for a week before any perceived slight was moved to the back of her head.