Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 360

Chapter 360: The Glorious Years 2
Chapter 360: The Glorious Years (2)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Tingting!" His sudden shout was amplified by the silence of the night.

Song Qingchun halted in her steps, and soon after that, she heard Su Zhinian shout again.

"Tingting! Tingting"

The volume and emotions of his shouts were more intense than in the one preceding it. In the end, it sounded like he was yelling at the top of his lungs, causing the heart of the listener to wrench greatly in pain and sorrow.

Song Qingchun went blank for a second before running toward Su Zhinian's bedroom without a second thought.

As she pushed the door open, Song Qingchun flipped the light on and rushed to his bedside. Su Zhinian was lying in bed with his eyes screwed shut, his brows in a deep lock and his mouth still mumbling "Tingting" continuously. From his forehead to his neck was covered in sweat, and his fists gripped the covers incredibly forcefully.

"Su Zhinian? Su Zhinian?" Song Qingchun bent down without hesitation to grab the man's arm to shake him awake.

The man was trapped in his mind and didn't show any signs of waking up. In fact, his brows were creased even deeper, and his body had started to shake.

"Su Zhinian?" Song Qingchun raised her voice and called his name several times. Realizing he still showed no signs of waking up, she dropped his arm and went to tap his face lightly instead.

"Su Zhinian, wake up, wake up"

The man suddenly raised his hand to grab her waist and pulled her into his arms. He hugged her with great force, causing her body to stick completely to his chest, but it seemed like he didn't think that was enough. As he called for "Tingting", he hugged her closer as if he was trying to rub her into his skin.

Song Qingchun felt like her waist was going to break from the force, and tears threatened to fall out of her eyes. She took several deep breaths and groaned in pain, but he remained unmoved.

She reached down toward his waist with much difficulty; she hoped that he would wake up by pinching him. She spent a great amount of strength wiggling her hand out of his embrace and under his quilt.

Before she could reach his skin, his lips that had been calling "Tingting" suddenly stopped moving. She thought this meant that he had woken up, so she looked upwards automatically. Before she realized what was happening, his cold and soft lips plastered against her lips with a great store of energy.

Her brain went blank immediately, and her body was completely petrified.

His kiss was passionate and uninhibited. As time passed, the forcefulness of his kiss didn't decrease but increased, like he was trying to swallow her whole.

It was not until his tongue was trying to work its way through her lips and teeth that she slowly came to. She stared at the man's long eyelashes and aquiline nose that was incredibly close to her face, and it was then that it hit her what was happening.

Before she could react, his soft tongue started tangling with hers.

A gush of numbness and thrill surged through her entire body, flooding her ability to think and react. It fried her sense of rationality and thought. She allowed her body to be taken in completely by him like she was his willing puppet.

The kiss caused her heart to palpitate. The sound of them kissing and their moaning as well as groaning drowned out every other sound in her mind.